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  1. Default A couple NX-related questions

    1) Female faces "Leisure 2" and "Strong Stare" are VIP from Henesys:
    Do you also get those faces from REG coupons at Henesys? Or are they VIP only?

    2) Shield Scrolls. After using one of them I see no icon or anything special appearing on my item, is this normal? (got one from black friday thingy).

    3) I know there are special hair coupons that let you get hairs from the opposite sex, I think april's fools event? Does this come every year? I'm looking to have the male Hayato hair, Dashing Kenji Hair, on a female. Is this possible? Which hairs have been released before?


    Edit: My bad, this was supposed to go on Q&A

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    Default Re: A couple NX-related questions

    no clue

    shield scrolls were which ones? these scrolls usually either show a symbol on the picture of the equip, or add a line to the description of the item saying "this item is under the effect of yadda yadda"

    it was only a few select hairs, can't remember which.

  3. Default Re: A couple NX-related questions

    Shield Scrolls are basically the new NX White Scrolls. And can't see any special thing added.

  4. Default Re: A couple NX-related questions

    There should be orange text at the bottom of the item's description box that says "Upgrade count protection is active" or something like that.

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    1) When using regular face, or hair coupons at the styling NPCs you have a chance of getting VIP and REG hair and eyes.

    3) I'm not entirely sure about the special hair coupons, because yes Nexon has released them on April Fools Day, but it's not a guarantee they'll keep this annual event.



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