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Thread: [Update JMS] Patch Available - JMS 3.18

  1. Default Patch Available - JMS 3.18

    Nexon posted a patch for JMS version 317 upgrade to version 318.
    You may download this patch from their official site and begin creating your pre-patcher now.
    Extractions and database updates will be forthcoming (if supported)!

    Size: 326237194 (bytes) (311.12 mb)

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    Yikes. That's largish.

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    Today should be the day they release their Sword Art Online crossover content, which is an entire area, I think, so the size bodes well for that, unless there's crossover related animated videos.

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    I am hyped for this. Please let most of this be Sword Art Online related content.

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    Wow, their Maple is also getting Sword Art Online content?

    Is this whole crossover across all their games? They love Sword Art so much, lol.

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    They got the Colossus the Giant theme dungeon, Vellud in their Crimsonwood (instead of Gollux in GMS, I believe JMS still uses either their own Masteria, or KMS's), and some SAO stuff. There's an Aincrad dungeon mentioned in the SAO reward boxes, with a Normal and Premium versions.
    They also got the skill changes GMS just got I believe.

    It's basically the same patch GMS just got from what I can see, but instead of Dawnveil, they get SAO stuff.

    Some more info
    SAO Dungeon Info:
    Kirito from SAO has a request from you
    REQ: Level 13, 1~3 party members
    Clearing Party (Normal): +5 All Stat, +300 HP/MP, +50 ACC/EVA
    Clearing Party (Premium): +12 All Stat, +500 HP/MP, +100 ACC/EVA
    Beater (Reward for Dungeon Clear Top Rank): +20 All Stat, +28 WATK/MATK, +1000 HP/MP, +250 WDEF/MDEF, Account Tradeable Once, Share Name Tag available
    Black Swordsman (Defeat each of the 3 Normal Bosses 5 times): +15 All Stat, +15 WATK/MATK, +15 Speed/Jump

    Seems the bosses in the dungeon are The Gleam Eyes, The Skull Reaper, and The Fatal Scythe, with familiars available for each of them. The Gleam Eyes was the boss for floor 74 in the LN, The Skull Reaper was the boss for floor 75, and The Fatal Scythe was a hidden boss underneath the city, estimated to be around the level of the 90th floor bosses.
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    Familiars? Aw man... That's pretty nice. Overall, even though it looks like low level content, it's pretty nice still.

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    Default Re: Patch Available - JMS 3.18

    Can't wait to see videos of this.

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    I at least have high expectations for the Dungeon maps, since they added bosses/familiars. Maybe they even added equips besides medals...

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    Cash Equips can be found from the SAO/ALO Avatar Random Boxes. Basically you buy the box from the cash shop and it randomly gives you an equip. Hair Coupons can also be purchased.

    I'm not seeing any specific information about the dungeon on uni's page yet though.

    You'll also be happy to know where Masteria is on the world map.

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    That "Asuna's Coat" is going to look great on my android. o-o
    I wished they had Kirito's swords as a nx cover.....



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