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    Ok, I have been searching here and searching google and I haven't found a definitive answer.

    What is the weapon multiplier for Kanna's fan???

    I have been trying to see if Kasen really is fixed with today's patch but I cannot calculate my clean range properly without the weapon multiplier. My reverse engineering is giving me 1.35.

    I have a Kanna with displayed MA of 154 (verified total), Int 651, Luk 37. Displayed Range = 6401~7357. No link skills. No character cards. Haku off. Nothing equipped but a non-potential fan. I know her own link gives her 10% damage. My Kasen is level 24 so that would also be 24% damage (if it works now). Assuming the standard magic damage formula and not knowing the weapon multiplier, I set it up like this (where Z is the multiplier) -
    Z x (651x4 + 37) x 154/100 x 1.1 x 1.24 = 7357 (Z=1.33)
    Or if the 10% and 24% are additive -
    Z x (651x4 + 37) x 154/100 x 1.34 = 7357 (Z = 1.35)

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    I don't know the multiplier but I can definitely confirm that Kasen is fixed.

    Yesterday I had a range of 200k fully buffed, today I have a range of around 230-250k fully buffed

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    I have one with 592 range
    5% from lvl 1 link, 48 matk, 209 int, 35 luk



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