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Thread: About RA bosses

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    Ok, so since RA was just released in MSEA,
    1. What are the drop rates for RA gear there? (yes, i know, only at chaos bosses)
    2. Is there a limit to how many times I can go in?
    3. Would my xenon be able to solo the 4 bosses? His range is around 8xk-9xk buffed without oopartz.
    Thanks in advance.

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    1. The drop rates in GMS are modest for reg. RA, usually we end up getting plenty of potions, SC coins, and every so often an RA-related drop, but it's rare of course. I spend most of my time killing RA bosses for their runes to collect item boxes.
    2. You can go in repeatably if you haven't killed the RA boss. You're limited to killing the RA boss once per day for reg. RA, and once every week for CRA. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
    3. Your Xenon should do just fine, though you still need the other party member present to enter the RA.

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    1. Can't say since they took it out as drops in GMS
    2. You can enter over and over again so long as you have. Gnarled Wooden Key (Deadwood key in your version I believe), but once you kill the boss, then:
    a. If you killed a regular boss, just wait until midnight (or, if the chatbox says XXX cleared X boss at XX time, then you have to wait until 24 hours after the kill) to enter again, or
    b. If you killed a chaos boss, then you'll have to wait until Thursday for the weekly limit to be reset
    3. The regular bosses only have 350M HP (550M for Vellum) so you probably would be able to kill them, though it'll take quite a bit of time. You must be in a party of 2 or more to enter so you probably won't need to fight bosses alone.

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    Alrighty then.
    Just tried VonBon, Queen and Pierre using my striker with my DS guildmate and found out that the only boss among the 3 that were worth the challenge is queen.
    Yet to try it with my Xenon though.



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