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    So, I read somewhere that Total Damage doesn't stack? Has that changed or does that still stand?

    Debating whether to get Total Damage, %INT or %Magic ATT potential on my shield and wand.

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    Where do people keep getting these ideas? If total damage didn't stack it'd be completely useless for the majority of classes. They stack just fine, along with every other potential in the game.

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    NEVER settle for just % main stat on something that can get weapon potentials.

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    I have the same question, which one is better: %matt or %total dmg?
    If it based of some calculations, someone please post those equations for me.
    Thank in advance.

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    iirc, they're the same thing, the only difference is % M.Att will increase DoT, while % Total Damage will not, even though they both show up in your range.

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    If you aren't relying on DoT, then always "maximise the square". Consider a current setup of 3%MA. If you have a choice between 3%MA and 3%DMG, then:

    3%MA + 3%MA = 6%MA ==> 1+ 0.03 + 0.03 = 1.06; increase in DPS = 1.06/1.03 = 1.0291 i.e. 2.91% increase in DPS
    3%MA + 3%DMG =/= 6% ==> (1 + 0.03)*1.03 = 1.0609 ~~ 1.061; increase in DPS = 1.061/1.03 = 1.0301 i.e. 3.01% increase in DPS

    Doesn't look like much at first glance, but when you consider %MA/WA, %STAT and %DMG, and if you consider Unique/Legendary potential, that's 1.09^3 = 1.295 versus 1 + 0.09*3 = 1.27. Enough to catch your attention?


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    %ATK and %TOTAL DAMAGE stack multiplicatively with each other.
    a character with 30% ATK and 30% TOTAL DMG will see an increase of 69% as opposed to 60%

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    Their equations are right but to make it simpler to understand think of the following

    Say you have 0% matk and 100% total damage. Now you have a choice between 100% matk or 100% damage

    Matk: You'll go from (100 + 0)% matk --> (100 + 100)% matk or 100%-->200% which doubles your dps

    Dmg: You'll go from (100+100)%dmg --> (100 + 200)%dmg or 200% --> 300% which is only a 50% increase in your dps

    So the way it works is you want to usually get the stat you have less of if it's X%matk vs X%dmg. Generally this is always matk when you start looking at this types of equations as %dmg is much easier to obtain

    Note: When calculating %dmg, do not forget for bosses that it's treated as the same, so the value is really %dmg + %boss. Also don't forget %dmg from skills/link skills, etc

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    adding to what kasool said, unless you're SPECIFICALLY cubing a training weapon, i wouldn't bother with it, since most of the time you'll be cubing for boss/PDR, and you're not gonna recube over 40% boss or 40% PDR just because you got a measly line of total damage instead of attack.

    also, %attack stacks additively with Echo of hero and Dark aura, if nothing has changed since the times i did my test.

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    %atk/matk is better than %total in all realistic scenarios, as pretty much every class has more %total/boss than %atk/matk from skills & link skills.

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    For the sake of completeness, I'll just show you the entire list of things that could potentially be "maximised":

    %stat (does %all stack additively here?)
    DSE (provides maxcritdmg)
    %DMG & %Boss (they stack additively)
    DSI (increases attack speed)

    See what you have, see what you can get, see what you usually do, then see what you want.


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    %all and %stat should be additive, and it's easy to test. I think int stays the same if you switch 3% int to 3% all and vice versa.

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    what mountlag said, there's also %max/min crit damage on gloves.



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