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  1. Default Would it be wise to buy CRA gear now?

    Different from my expectations, the CRA gear has only been increasing in price.
    I expected the prices to drop to around 400m'ish like in KMS.
    Although GMS has hackers, I haven't seen the prices drop like with empress gear.
    KMS doesn't even have hackers and the CRA gear is still cheap, but that could be because they have additional options

    Anyway, would it be wise to buy a CRA bowman hat and bottom now (Scania) or do you guys think the prices will drop in the near future?(Before WA Revamps)

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    Default Re: Would it be wise to buy CRA gear now?

    The reason why it hasn't drop because empress gear isn't dropping from boss as well.
    Being marvel only and I don't believe anyone in GMS has killed CRA yet, the price will stay around the same unless massive dupe or people are starting to kill CRA effectively.

    Wise or not to buy now depend on how much of a desire you want to gear up, given enough marvel machine or people start kill CRA, the price will drop, and I do expect that will be before WA revamp.

  3. Default Re: Would it be wise to buy CRA gear now?

    Empress gear does drop.
    CRA has been killed plenty of times in GMS. No kills have dropped RA gear, leading people to believe they don't drop at all.
    Bowman gear is stupidly dirt cheap atm and will go up in price with the WA revamp. I'd buy now if I were you.

    Only reason to wait is if you think marvel will come back soon, or cRA will be fixed.

    edit: clarifying on cRA drops, there haven't been any post-unleashed. A few kills with pre-nerf AB dropped RA gear, there's a post in the boss battles thread somewhere that Bomber posted a mage helm from chaos queen.
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  4. Default Re: Would it be wise to buy CRA gear now?

    You should have bought with Marvel, they were much cheaper . Its only increased in price since there is no way to get them. As @Marksman Bryan; said, Bowman are some of the cheaper ones. You should probably buy now if you can, as they probably wont decrease in price anytime soon (and they most likely will increase with the WA revamp).

  5. Default Re: Would it be wise to buy CRA gear now?

    Judging by how MSEA already has all three revamped KOCs, I'd definitely recommend buying it now as the revamp should be out at GMS during September. I wouldn't bank on Marvel being back so quickly after what happened the last time too, just saying.

  6. Default Would it be wise to buy CRA gear now?

    No one is seriously killing cra BECAUSE nothing is dropping. Basically every single server can do it legit. Once they drop at a reasonable rate people will run, and they will deflate.



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