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    Default Question about Profession system revamp in KMS RED 1st Impact.

    Ok so I've heard about the revamp in the profession system that came with the first part of the RED update in which they said some items didn't needed a recipe anymore and these stopped dropping from monsters.

    What I didn't see anywhere was anything related to existing recipes registered, for example I bought an Empress 2H Sword recipe from the 8th Anniversary Shop and I have it sitting there in my inventory and I want to know if after this revamp I will still be able to use it or is there any kind of risk if I use it now because at this point Dream Fragments are pretty hard to find and its not worth to buy them.

    I saw somewhere you can now mine for Dream fragments and that would be great and would help me to finally craft my sword for cheap but what I want to know is how this revamp affected recipes specially Empress Weapon Recipes because it would be a shame to lose it. is it more safe to keep the recipe for now or use and and leave it registered on my crafting mule?

  2. Default Re: Question about Profession system revamp in KMS RED 1st Impact.

    I believe it said equipment under Lv. 120 won't require a recipe anymore while those higher still will. I'm not sure whether the profession revamp will erase the recipe or deem it unusable, but I find it to be unlikely that it will. I would just keep the recipe in my inventory until you have the required items to craft it.

    NEW QUESTION: Has any information been released about crafting your own cubes/flames of reincarnation in RED? Are the materials ridiculous difficult to obtain and item hard to craft? Did the changes make the game less of a pay-to-win game is basically what I want to know



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