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  1. Default Fafnir + Dragon Tail or Fafnir + Tyrant?

    I'm switching classes from Shad to I/L Mage (after like 2 years of maining a single character) and the Mage version of all the "expensive stuff" is pretty much dirt cheap in comparison. I can probably afford to cube all my stuff (ie, the actual NX cost of cubing) from clean to at least 9% INT on each item, as that's more long-term. I'm planning to buy my Fafnir (and Tyrant, if I go that route) stuff now while the Marvel Machine is still up and prices are down.

    The problem I'm facing is whether I want to drop 18b on Tyrant gear, or just save like 16b (which can be used on other stuff, or saved for if/when tyrant gear lowers in price) and get decently chaos'd Dragon Tail equivalents (along with maybe a Tinkerer Belt/Shoulder combo).

    4 piece Fafnir set is pretty much certain, as I'm finding them for 1.5b-2b a piece, which isn't going to be hard once I get all my shad stuff sold. I just don't know if it's worth getting the incomplete Dragon Tail set to save 15b.

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    Mage RA set is so cheap Honestly, if you get the RA set, the only other items would be the Dragon Tail Glove, Shoes and Cape and shoulder . the Tyrant Shoes and Cape are far superior in every way, so if possible get those. The dragon tail are not really worth it if you can afford better. If you are close, hold on and save up, clean Dragon tail probably won't improve your range that much. If possible, get the Tyrant shoes and cape first, they have higher stats (+5 more all stat) and more slots if you want to scroll/chaos. If you think you can get a black tinkerer set, hold off on the belt. The tyrants will out perform the Dragontail, and the 3-4 set effect is not going to make a larg difference. If you want you could get the gloves because they are decent, same with shoulder, but i would save up for shoes and cape.

    This is just my take on it. I myself am not funded much, but this is what i would try to do.

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    I think a HQ Dimensional Glove gives a better starting point than DT gloves. 12WA vs 5WA is a pretty large difference, even before the primary stats.


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    3 clean tyrants probably beat a full character equipment inventory of 6 or maybe even 9% stat gear. If not, 5 starred would do it. The power increase is just so large that if you're making that kind of switch there really isn't a better value option.

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    I'm bored, so I'll crunch some numbers.

    A basic setup of equipment, not counting the weapon/sec.weapon slots, would hold 11 equipment that is pot-able (12 if you consider 2 ring slots since we now have that Pinnacle Ring thingy, 13 if you consider the badge from SG). At the upper-funded regime, for a Lumi, you should be looking at an effective MA (i.e. standard full buffs) of I'd say... 500-550 MA (I'm standing at 465 as a middle class, and my EQ are already pretty decent). At level 200 you have 1k INT, and throwing in all the usual stuff from Links and all you should be standing at 1.25K to 1.3K before any pot lines, which is pretty ok. A good assumption here would be the ability to afford all 7 pieces of a Dragon Tail set or equivalent, then upgrade from there. So it's not unreasonable for me to assume that each piece of EQ within the 11 equipment would have 25 INT and LUK, and with all the PChaoses that have been running around for free from events, it'd go higher (you have more than 11 pieces of EQ btw).

    So comparing 3 Tyrants (not scrolled with PChaoses) v.s. 11 e.q. with 9%INT (so it's just with or without lines, since pot is what blows prices up), which rounds off to a nice 100%INT, I consider replacing 3 pieces of equipment with the Tyrant EQ so you don't exactly just get a bonus 150INT, 30WA. I assume you lose an average of 75INT, 15MA for the 3 equipment before counting the Tyrants. Here are the results.

    Basic damage function

    Equipment setupINT%INT (in decimals)LUKMAMax Range (HP > MP)Damage boost over basic setup
    Clean Tyrant set(1250 + 75)0(1250 + 75)(500 + 70)3776220.8%
    5-star Tyrant Set(1250 + 75 + 345)0(1250 + 75 + 345)(500 + 70)4759552.5%
    6-star Tyrant Set(1250 + 75 + 345)0(1250 + 75 + 345)(500 + 70 + 27)4984959.5%
    7-star Tyrant Set(1250 + 75 + 345)0(1250 + 75 + 345)(500 + 70 + 27 + 30)5235467.5%
    3%INT, 7-star Tyrant Set(1250 + 75 + 345)0.09(1250 + 75 + 345)(500 + 70 + 27 + 30)5612479.6%
    6%INT, 5-star Tyrant Set(1250 + 75 + 345)0.18(1250 + 75 + 345)(500 + 70)5444874.2%

    Enhancement bonuses of Superior equipment were taking from iAmFear's thread:

    Extra numbers for analysis

    Not quite there, @Takebacker;, but nearly.

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    Ok wow clean was really overvalued. Still though, full tyrants can reach up to +70, 80k range ea when you get them good enough and have a good surrounding base to work with. Fafnirs are also still deflating. Once RA comes out they will be affordable, and even clean they add a lot of range.

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    Tyrants are ridiculous. And it's easy to get 170 all 25/30 matk since 5 star enhancements are all over the place. With just 5 stars and no pot they provide more range than a well scrolled Empress with 21% main stat.

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    If you're starting off with a ton of %stat, or if you're a Xenon, then yes. If you have very little %stat, I don't think so. A well scrolled Empress can hit 2X WA/MA, and the remaining shortfall made up with about 2-3%stat. I don't think 170stat is going to be 18% of all the amplify-able stat you have.

    A potted Tyrant... now that's a dandy.


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    Thanks for the info guys. I think I'm going to most likely end up with some cheap %INT on lower-level stuff until I can cube Tyrants.



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