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  1. Default HackShield Update Error

    Been getting this error since this morning:

    I deleted my Nexon folder entirely and reinstalled this morning which seemed to fix it, but I just rebooted and now it's giving me the error again... I don't really want to reinstall MapleStory every time I reboot. Anyone seen it before and know how to fix it?

    Things I've tried that didn't work:

    Clicking the hsupdate.exe (or something similar, I can't remember the name of the .exe) - this loaded the little splash screen for half a second then closed, no error.
    Deleting HShield folder and downloading a 'clean' version
    Copying HShield folder from my laptop (which runs MapleStory without issues)

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    Default Re: HackShield Update Error

    Same thing happened to me 1st a couple weeks ago, and then again tonight T.T. I dont know what to say if deleting the HShield and re downloading doesnt work. I guess I am stuck redownloading all of maple again also.



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