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  1. Default Kaiser Color Change Coupons

    Hello all~

    Well, I'm kind of upset that kaiser color change coupons were taken out 1 day after they were put into inkwell because I thought it gave SOME originality to the final form [even though I still find it fail that people are stuck at generic black for the armor at 4th job and the coupon can't do pomegranate about it ]

    Was wondering, has frequesnt has Nexon hosted events with these color coupons? I mean this for both Nexon AM and Nexon Kr. Would let me gauge pretty decently on the chances of them implementing coupons ever again.

    Would really like my black flames

  2. Default Re: Kaiser Color Change Coupons

    This was the only time they've brought them back, and everyone is stuck at black armor in 4th anyway, the color coupons don't change the color of the armor. Just the shade of it, and color of your attacks.

  3. Default Re: Kaiser Color Change Coupons

    Yea I know about the black armor already, I just wanted blue flames or purple on my attacks, not the current one I have :(

    That's kind of depressing though. This was the second time they brought it out, and took it away in less than 24 hours....and I was really hoping this server check they would implement them back into inkwell, but it's just routine "maintenance"

    Has Korea ever released them again? Or are they the same as NexonAM?



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