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  1. Basic0 Getting to know and reknow SouthPerrians more 2.0

    Time really flies quickly as i realise that my first thread here in Amherst was made more then a year and a half ago.
    As a user who is inconsistent in her activity here in SouthPerry, i have been rather disconnected from the community here apart from some friendly introductions made by forumites before.
    Though what i know now could be outdated as many could have picked up new hobbies, likes, etc during my absense.
    Now this is where my second thread comes in handy, i hope that this can help me to foster some bonds between me and the seasoned and new users here alike which i have missed out in a long time.

    Or to sum up what i wish to say, i hope to have the pleasure of making and remaking acquaintances with everyone here.

    But first thing's first, a short greeting and reintroduction about myself. :)

    Hello to everyone who is reading my thread, i'm known simply as rep, bun or more affectionately my name, Miya.
    I'm not picky with what name i am called by so feel free to call me with what you are most comfortable with.
    Now as some would know or remember, i am known as someone who made videos and posted guides about Neo Tokyo which was a very good content though sadly no longer available.
    As a gamer, i have played a range of games on different game platforms with the most notable PC games being MapleStory(Partly the reason i'm here), SuddenAttack, Dragon Nest and Audition.
    To explain further on MapleStory, I have played the MapleSEA and KoreaMS servers for 6 years and 2 years respectively and will always love mages even if nexon hates them. Apart from mages of course is Mercedes whose grace has bewitched me to love archers as well.
    Like some players, i am fairly inactive from the game due to other commitments such as work or extended studies.

    A few background information about myself :
    `I have a laid back character which tends to be seemingly nonchalant most of the time unless provoked with very imflammory comments.
    `I have studied game development which helps me to relate to the problems of most games i play.
    `I am known as a PCWer in the ASF because i enjoy every bit of mixing my style of writing with socialism, advising and commenting.
    `I enjoy swimming and cycling as a hobby.
    `I love vodka and red wine, though never have i ever had a chance to drink till i fall drunk-flat.

    So yeah, i've come to the end of my reintroduction for now and apologies if it's too wordy
    Looking forward to introductions by others now so i can know more about you guys.

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    Default Re: Getting to know and reknow SouthPerrians more 2.0

    Ah; well I guess it's glad to know you a bit more, Miya.

    I hope we all get to know each other by interacting more in this forum and community named Southperry.

  3. Default Re: Getting to know and reknow SouthPerrians more 2.0

    Hi, Miya!
    You seem like a nice person so I hope to see some posts around :)

  4. Default Re: Getting to know and reknow SouthPerrians more 2.0

    Hello Miya.

    I'm Haru. Why Haru?
    It's because Kusanagi Haru is my second name, given by a Japanese friend to me.

    I was used to be MSEA player but since Asiasoft fails to impress me, so I quitted MSEA and moved to GMS.
    Hope that you'll enjoy the community here c:



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