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  1. Default MSEA's Cash items

    Ok, this thread was supposed to be posted up 4-5 days ago, but due to school stuff.. :/


    Should MSEA reduce their cash items prices in conjunction with S2?

    Coz let's face it, MSEA is the most expensive server. Ever.

    Gachapon tickets are 1500 @Cash (NXCash to those in GMS), Mira cubes are 1900 @cash. (Due to A$ia$oft)

    Can I know what are the prices for GMS and KMS if possible? (a SS would be nice)

    Oh, and a SS from the Cash Shop at MSEA would be nice, cause I have no idea on how to post images here, so yeah.

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    Default Re: MSEA's Cash items

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    Default Re: MSEA's Cash items

    Prices for gMS break down into the following for cubes & gachapon.

    1,000 NX; 10,000 NX and 30,000 NX for gachapon tickets.
    1,050 NX; 10,500 NX and 31,500 NX for remote gachapon tickets.

    1,200 NX and 12,000 NX for Miracle Cubes.
    1,900 NX and 19,000 NX for Super Miracle Cubes.
    3,100 for Premium Miracle Cubes.

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    Default Re: MSEA's Cash items

  5. Default Re: MSEA's Cash items

    Alright. Thanks @Kagamine; and @Bahamut X;!

    This just proved that a$ia$oft has been ripping us off.

  6. Default Re: MSEA's Cash items

    Wait wait wait, mira cubes are 1.2k cash at GMS? Why a$ia$oft whyyy

  7. Default Re: MSEA's Cash items

    Ours are 1.4k even on sale! No pictures for these but here we go:

    Royal Hair/Face coupons in SEA: 14k cash/RM 35
    Royal Hair/Face coupons in GMS: 3.3k cash/USD 3.3


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    Update :

  9. Default Re: MSEA's Cash items

    The problem is that said items sans the shop were already ridiculously expensive. PsoKs costing as much as they did were a huge reason behind my purchase of tradeable thief armours as buying and PSoKing them from the buyer would have gotten me another 15% piece of armour easily.

  10. Default Re: MSEA's Cash items

    Precisely. It's another reason why for a 15% darkness ring, if buyer PSOK, 2b, but if seller PSOK, 20K cash.

  11. Default Re: MSEA's Cash items

    Believe me when I say you'll be a lucky guy if someone sells you a 15% stat Darkness ring for 20k cash. And yeah, it's stupid beyond all belief that even the normal SoK costs more than 10k cash!

  12. Default Re: MSEA's Cash items

    15% or 12%. I forgot :x
    And a SS from the KMS CS would be nice.

  13. Default Re: MSEA's Cash items

    We'd have to know how much 10k NX is worth there though and get cube prices. Also I'm sure even 6% rings cost more than 20k...

  14. Default Re: MSEA's Cash items

    Advanced version.
    In GMS, regular store permit = 1.8k NX. MSEA = 5k @cash.
    Dual Blade mastery books. Can someone in GMS post the screenshot about Dual Blade Mastery Books?
    -mind blown-

  15. Default Re: MSEA's Cash items

    For bootes, maybe. But i play FGH, and the meso = cash rate is f-ed up. Now the estimation is around 200+ m per 1k cash.
    There was this 1 time {Don't post links that violate the TOS} even sold 100m mesos for RM1 for FGH.

  16. Default Re: MSEA's Cash items

    I meant that the ring should cost a heck lot more than 20k cash and wouldn't it be even more in FGH then? But yeah, these prices are insane and after seeing people spent like 100k cash just using the CS additional pot scrolls and then having to make that 3-lined I decided to skip out on it and save my cash for something more worth it.

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    Default Re: MSEA's Cash items

    Please try to convert all prices to USD. Comparing US$3.3 to RM 35 means nothing unless one knows RM 35 is about US$11.5

    Or you can try to convert to something like "hours of working a minimum-wage job".

  18. Default Re: MSEA's Cash items

    Can I just put this here for the benefit of others?

  19. Default Re: MSEA's Cash items

    A$ia$oft craves cash way too much.
    Well, hoping add ptt scroll will be in mesos soon.

  20. Default Re: MSEA's Cash items

    Alright. Well, here's some examples...


    Royal Hair/Face Coupons: RM 35/USD 11.5 [Our styles are also outdated and most are terrible]
    Vacation Hair/Face Coupons: RM 50/USD 16.3 [Less selections, but not all are stellar]
    VIP hair coupon [RM 30]


    Miracle Cube: 1,900 cash/1,200 cash [RM 4.75/USD 1.20]
    Super Miracle Cube: 2,700 cash/1,900 cash [RM 6.75/USD 1.90]
    Revolutionary cube: 9,800 cash

    I'll grab more when I log in but hopefully this is enough to highlight the price difference. Additionally also consider that we do not get a Silver Carved Stamp from using 10 SMCs and we need 40 fragments for an AEES or a 80% Epic Potential Scroll.

    For additional info, the minimum wage in Malaysia is RM 4.33/hour; I was making more than double this while working last year.



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