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  1. Default Starting New and Fresh

    Hello everyone! So... I haven't played Maplestory since um... they released Evan? Sometime around that time period.

    My friend recently came up to me and asked if I wanted to start again with her and I'm like what the hell, why not.

    So right now, I want to know some stuff before starting again:

    1. What's in and what's out?
    2. Anything that I should look out for?
    3. What classes are currently available... I heard they've locked up some of the classes.
    4. How far can I go without spending money on NX or buying stuff from FM/MTS? I heard it's a pay to win game now.
    5. What would be the most fun class to play without NX/FM/MTS? I don't care about damage or DPS/M.
    6. I heard it only takes like a month to get to Lv.200 now. Is that true?
    7. What would be an ideal server to play in that is particularly not packed with immature brats and people that loves to brag about their damage/equips? I was a Windia verteran, but I want something fresh.
    8. Are doing quests still looked down upon (as in the reward is still ridiculously lame and a waste of time just walking around talking to NPC and killing stuff)?
    9. Anything you should warn me about?
    10. Anymore?
    Thanksssss! :)

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  3. Default Re: Starting New and Fresh

    Haha, no nostalgia here... I mean, I used to miss the days when I first started playing in October 2005. But in all honesty, why limit your full experience of game play just to "TRY" to bring back what it used to be? The audience of gaming is never the same as it used to be. You can't just limit a community from other players. Change is not always favorable, but we should adapt to it. Restricting yourself is like I don't want to move on.

    I think I can experience the game without NX or buying stuff from FM, but I can't limit myself from something that can let me level faster and experience higher level skills if the opportunity is there. :)



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