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    I'm trying to do something really simple but things just aren't working as intended.
    First, Netbeans IDE apparently doesn't support auto-increasing IDs so if I create a table with one through the Netbeans GUI I can't get it to generate.
    Second, if I go to the database control [https://{hostname}:{port}/em] after logging in I get an "internal error, check log for more info" message and can't access my database or create any schema, I'm still allowed to configure and change preferences but that's not what I'm looking for.

    Also there's no log to be found anywhere...
    Any idea on what I can do? I've searched everywhere to solve #2 error and #1 seems to have no fixing because netbeans is stupid.

    Edit: no hope for netbeans, seems like it's a problem since 2005
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    Be a man and create your tables with SQL instead of using a GUI tool.

    I didn't know Oracle had a web management thingy but you can try using a client like SQL Developer.

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    You're better off not using a GUI for most table designs.

    If you have to use a GUI, use Oracle SQL Developer instead, or a GUI that will let you spit out the SQL instead of it running it for you, so you can adjust it as necessary and truly understand what commands you're issuing.

    NetBeans has always been more of a burden than a tool :/

    For the errors;

    or find & read your log.xml ( )

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    As above stated, use an SQL, I never knew about the Netbeans GUI management either. However, for not being allowed access on the schema though, just use SQL server, with PHPMyAdmin and you should be alright. I'm not quite sure how you're putting your services online at the moment. But, ports could also be an issue if the port is not open to the internet. Such ports you'd need free are 3306 for SQL, and 80 for site files if you'd opt to use default ones.

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    Edit: Fix'd
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