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  1. Default Kitamura Eri ― head & hand assignment


    Digital painting assignment handed in earlier this week. It's the first time I've really done a portrait since I'm not fond of drawing people. Close to 15hrs, I think.

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    Default Re: Kitamura Eri ― head & hand assignment

    ... WOW.

    It looks like a photo. o_o That is gorgeous!

  3. Default Re: Kitamura Eri ― head & hand assignment

    I'm not even close to that art level yet...

  4. Default Re: Kitamura Eri ― head & hand assignment

    Yussssss, mission accomplished. That was the goal of the assignment. <3
    Drawing is just practice, no probs! We used reference photos to concentrate on the painting aspect. I made landmark lines on the original to create a grid-like thing and the teacher used a simple 3x3 grid in one of his examples, too. Don't forget, it's digitally painted so you can do a lot of cheating with photoshop.

    In my field, the most important thing is structure. (◕ ▽ ◕)

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    Pretty good overall.

    There are two spots that immediately jump out at me and could do with a little more refining. The white area under her left eye and between her nose and top lip.

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    Thanks, bruh. Don't worry, I can point out a lot of other flaws from the original. I grew to hate the picture/assignment because I think it looks nothing like the actual person. But you have to stop yourself before you get sucked into it because other courses are more important than this one, lol.

    We're only supposed to learn the basics of photoshop. This illustrator-y stuff we're doing now isn't actually helpful for animation related things in general, especially since we're looking at reference photos.

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    Well I never use grid or guideline method to do digital painting because I was too much used with straight away painting without planning.

    I remembered when I was in Fine Art field, my lecturer always emphasize structure when doing any kind of work. Good thing I always remember to draw better structure form sketch.
    With that, I graduated from Fine Art field. Too bad, I wish I can handle more on digital painting to balance out my skills in manual painting/ art method, especially potrait painting. I'm more on landscape and and objects, and also anime type drawing.

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    Default Re: Kitamura Eri ― head & hand assignment

    I have a lot of photorealistic stuff in my ratemydrawings account and yah, staring at both the ref and your version for 15 hours will make you notice the smallest flaws. Others usually won't even see it. Better just stop than work 500 hours to make every detail like the photo because well... how could you prove others it's a painting then? :P

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    doooood, I'd rather be better at landscape/objects. People are always telling me environmental art in gaming has a lot of job potential, too! We get to paint more things like that next semester. ゚+.ヽ(≧▽≦)ノ.+゚

    I didn't know you went to school for Fine Art either, that's cool! I wanna see more stuff.... ! (◕ ▽ ◕)
    dat artist dilemma of "IT CAN BE BETTER".

    It's a good skill set to have to be able to render something like that, and then being able to apply it elsewhere. (ノ∀`*)



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