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    Because my bank doesn't use Visa for its debit transactions (no pineappleing clue as to why they don't but they don't) and uses Interac instead, it means I have to resort to some obscure methods to charging NX online. Normally what I do is buy UPoints from UltimatePay, who accepts Interac Online, then redeem them at the Nexon site via PayByCash -> Ultimate Game Card.

    For some reason though, this method "works" (as in, it gives me a "success" page) but the actual points don't get deducted from my UPay account nor does the NX get charged to my account (this normally happens as soon as I press "done"). Any idea as to why this is? I submitted a ticket but it got instantly auto-closed without any useful message.

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    Default Re: PayByCash doesn't work...

    The "without any useful message" happen to be "take it up with UltimatePay"? Then write them.

  3. Default Re: PayByCash doesn't work...

    Ultimate Game Card takes a while sometimes.

    edit: I would assume UltimatePay has the same issue



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