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    This thread is similar to the Boss Thread, except it is for the group of bosses collectively known as Root Abyss.

    The first post is for Regular Root Abyss, while the second post is for Chaos Root Abyss.

    (Whoops, forgot to post this)


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    So that explains why Chaos Queen can be killed in GMS.

    Didn't realize GMS Chaos RA's Pierre and Von Bon have more HP than KMS's counterpart, while our Queen and Vellum have less HP than KMS's counterpart.

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    For when 100% of your total HP just isn't enough.

    So Chaos Vellum has a death count and 11/16 attacks being 1hkos? What were they thinking?

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    The same thing when they make anything. Here's an impossible obstacle that becomes possible after a few key updates. Duh.

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    I'm a little confused. A number of attacks like Pierre's stab and vellum popping up are labeled 100% HP but I don't die when they hit me. Is there some sort of reduction?

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    Depends on your class I assume?

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    Could mean base HP...? Just a suggestion.




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