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  1. Default Accounts being Blocked.

    So it's apparent that a lot of people's accounts have just been blocked from MapleStory and very recently. Since the recent false bans happened to get noticed by a forum administrator on the Nexon forums I thought it would be a good idea to make a thread about it on their official forums, rather then basil or southperry.

    If your account has been recently blocked please post in the forum thread below. If you don't have a mule account to post with, please make a new account to post on the Nexon forum.

    This is unrelated to the recent perma and 30 day bans.

  2. Default Re: Accounts being Blocked.

    Did you just get banned as well? I only just saw you afking in town a few hours ago o_o The GAZED facebook group is raging as well... what the hell happened...

  3. Default Re: Accounts being Blocked.

    Let's just say a significant amount of people all got banned by the billingpp people within the same hour.
    It's not just the GAZED Facebook page, either. It did an hour ago cause some complaints on basil as well.

  4. Default Re: Accounts being Blocked.

    Every time I see such bans happening I'm almost glad* I don't play GMS. Seriously, this is retarded beyond belief.

    *On the other hand I could have saved a lot of money if I just got banned really early.

  5. Default Re: Accounts being Blocked.

    looks like there's some commonalities
    gifting with nx prepaid

    could it be they're banning people for selling nx finally?

  6. Default Re: Accounts being Blocked.

    What do you mean "finally"? What exactly is actually wrong with selling NX for in game currency? As long as both sides are sincere about it and there's no scamming involved I find the notion of it being a bannable offense to be outright retarded. Maybe Nexon should make their game actually feasible to play without the need for it.

  7. Default Re: Accounts being Blocked.

    aside from the fact that it's explicitly against the ToS and even warns you via mapletips that pop up in the chat saying that cash trading is forbidden?

    I mean when there's that many things telling you not to do something, shouldn't that be taken as a sign not to do it?

  8. Default Re: Accounts being Blocked.

    But do you personally find it a morally incorrect thing to do, is what I'm asking. Every game's ToS states not to do that, even ones that make cash shop items completely tradeable or have in game means of doing so.

  9. Default Re: Accounts being Blocked.

    It's not a question of morals, it's a question of rules. While I agree forcing players to buy only from them is kinda' plantainish of nexon, it's still their right as a business to not want people to undercut their income.
    Let's put it this way.

    Player A wants to spend 12k on a cube package
    Player A would have to spend $20 on NX to get the cube package via prepaid cards
    Player B has 20k NX
    Player B offers to sell the cube package to Player A
    Player A agrees to the trade, and gets gifted the cube package

    Player B had the NX regardless
    Player A now no longer needs to buy the prepaid cards
    Nexon loses twenty dollars in potential profits

  10. Default Re: Accounts being Blocked.

    You're also assuming that player A would have the means or the desire to actually buy the NX in the first place, but I'm not going to drag this on any longer, as it is off topic.

  11. Default Re: Accounts being Blocked.

    If that's the case, might I inquire about how the mesos were traded? I remember some time ago, this very same thing happened (BillingPP bans) and it was never explained what caused it. Several theories were floated, but a prevalent theme was the transfer of large sums of mesos via 4.999.999 Hired Merchant trades. This was observed even among people (myself included) that were simply doing so as a means of meso transfer or boss loot sale dispersal without any NX involved.

  12. Default Re: Accounts being Blocked.

    I've heard third-hand that there have been some 1 day bans on people who sell NX. So it's certainly possible.

  13. Default Re: Accounts being Blocked.

    You have to also realize that a lot of people sell NX purely to make mesos. Not everyone has the know-how and/or ability to merchant or boss for funds, so selling NX has become their reliable income.

  14. Default Re: Accounts being Blocked.

    I don't think this has anything to do with Nexon banning people for Buying or Selling NX. I didn't buy my prepaid from anyone. And gifting someone obviously isn't against the ToS. How could Nexon ever know whether or not someone paid me for a gifted item or vice versa.

  15. Default Re: Accounts being Blocked.

    remember that patching glitch where it hung on admin chatlog?

    if i had to take a guess, they implemented a system that flags accounts that talk about selling or buying nx, then logs all nx and trade transactions those players make to check for compliance

  16. Default Re: Accounts being Blocked.

    I'm a lurker here, but I just wanted to say that my account was banned as well, and I have never purchased NX from anyone using mesos, and that all of my NX I have gotten either through Nexon's credit offers or through their Karma Koin cards.

  17. Default Re: Accounts being Blocked.

    regardless, the main commonality I'm noticing here is usage of prepaid NX. It could simply be a new kind of autoban that went horribly horribly wrong

  18. Default Re: Accounts being Blocked.

    From what I've seen there's also been a large amount of people who got blocked directly after being unbanned yesterday with the whole 30-day auto ban system.

    Unless all of them have somehow bought NX the minute they were unbanned, I doubt that this is just a "buying NX from other people" issue.

  19. Default Re: Accounts being Blocked.

    This happened to several people before, including me.
    Remember this incident?

    Took about 4 days to week for processing that all to get unblocked.
    Not really sure what the issue with this is. It's pain, but good luck to you guys.



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