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  1. Default Bossing on Xenon: Blade Dancing vs Fuzzy Sniper

    As shown in this thread by JoeTang, Blade Dancing has a 2000%/s bonus over Fuzzy Sniper with no boss damage. However, in Limgoon's video of him soloing Cygnus, he relies on Sniper more.

    Does the 30% DEF ignore (40% with Fuzzy Sniper DEF ignore hyper) really give that much more preference over Blade Dancing? Does it matter how much DEF ignore you have then? (Because of the new DEF ignore multiplicative formula)

    Thanks for help anyone can provide
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  2. Default Re: Bossing on Xenon: Blade Dancing vs Fuzzy Sniper

    isn't the damage cap 50m? Maybe limgoon hits 50m with blade dancing
    so he uses sniper instead because it lets him hit more

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    Default Re: Bossing on Xenon: Blade Dancing vs Fuzzy Sniper

    Nah, I don't think it's this because BD hits less % wise than Snipe, so he should be capping later with BD.

    My guesses are
    It ignores defense (which is now coveted in KMS because of multiplicative defense ignore) which probably makes it hit higher on high defense bosses.
    It's easier to recognize and move away from boss attacks with.
    It's burst damage which is useful for bosses like Vellum.
    It looks cooler because it hits higher numbers.



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