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    So I have a Shadower who is 2 honor levels away from level 60. I have been saving at least 300 special circulators and my current Inner Abilities include Attack +27 and 1% M.Def added to W.Def. It's safe to assume that Boss Dmg % and Crit Rate % are abilities to shoot for, but are there any other particular Inner Abilities that are more helpful for Shadowers?

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    Buff duration would be useful unless you have no problem recasting instinct every minute.

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    Buff duration sort of slipped my mind but that does work. Got an S rank Mech card but that only adds 9 seconds.
    I also recall Shadow Partner being treated as a summon instead of as a buff. So would a Corsair or Jett card increase its duration?

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    I wouldn't really recommend buff duration all it really adds is convenience. In terms of extra DPM it isn't much more beneficial.

    On my shadower I've been aiming for %crit i'm not exactly sure which would be best though boss damage maybe? might even be a good idea just to see what you get

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    I really recommend sticking with the first good line you get. So basically any S rank boss damage or crit rate. I did azwan bonus coins from 0 to 60 and stocked up around 600 special circs and 300 rank 5s. Using all of them I never saw crit rate once and got 11% boss damage after half of the circs. Being stupid I used the rest and got nothing really great. Ended up azwanning up to level 66 and however many special circs that was. Finally got 14% boss.

    So yeah the first good thing you get, just stick with it.

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    So I started using circulators now and saved up 14 rank-5 and 512 special circs. After using 53 special circs and 14 rank-5, I got 14% Crit, +22 Str, and +2 Dex. Might stop for now and check on this thread later.

    Is there anything I can do with all the leftover circs?

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    I would stick to that. With hypers this 14% crit will be really handy, at least once you get phantom link lv 2 and decent se you'll be sitting on 44% crit chance. But you can also keep going since 30% crit chance is pretty decent aswell.

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    I went for boss damage on my shadower. Crit rate doesn't help as much since Shadowers don't get any crit damage skills. Actually, crit rate is worth less in general than people seem to think it is, except for Phantoms.

    Based on my experience, you should get AT LEAST 600 special circulators before you reset 27 att; that's actually a really good line, you'll definitely need at least an S-rank boss damage line to surpass it.

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    Its not useless

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    ...Flip the Coin just makes a crit rate inner ability worse. People need to learn to math.

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    Okey so why dont you tell me why its useless when flip the coin caps at 50% crit bonus? And that the higher crit rate you have from before will help you get a stack on this thing. Seriously think twice before you insult someone for being bad at math, I only said it was not useless not the best.

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    Diminishing returns.

    Compare a 30% increase in crit from a base of 5% for a maximum theoretical benefit, and a 30% increase from 70% to 100% for a maximal minimum theoretical benefit (without spillover). Assume no crit damage bonuses => average crit damage = 1.35.

    Before: 5% crit rate - AvgDmg = x*(1 + 0.35*0.05)
    After: 35% crit rate - AvgDmg = x*(1 + 0.35*0.35)

    Damage ratio (After:Before) = 1.103 => 10.3% increase in damage.

    Before: 70% crit rate - AvgDmg = x*(1 + 0.35*0.7)
    After: 100% crit rate - AvgDmg = x*(1 + 0.35*1)

    Damage ratio = 1.084 => 8.4% increase in damage.

    I don't remember the maximum %crit Azwan provides, but crit isn't a bad thing. 27WA is... pretty significant if you're not well-funded, but if you throw in all your buffs and etc, if you have 270WA or more then %boss might be a better idea (if you're a bosser). %Crit bonus becomes more significant if you have bonuses for crit damage e.g. DSE etc.

    FTR: ad hominums don't win an argument.


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    On a class that doesn't have crit bonuses, as a rule of thumb, %crit is equivalent to a bit less than 1/3 as much %total damage. So 14% crit's like 4% bossing.

    Exactness depends how much %boss/%total you have and what your base critrate is. DSE makes critrate a little better too.

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    Since the last time I posted in this thread, I tried recirculating my IA again. Stopped at Avoid+270, Acc+240, Crit Rate+16% out of fear of not getting anything decent again. Total crit is currently 36% (w/ Gratias Ring and lvl 1 Phantom link).
    Still have 400+ special circs to work with.
    I currently want to try my luck at obtaining DSE during this week's Miracle Time (assuming I get lucky with Tier rank up)

    Also doesn't Smokescreen provide a 20% crit damage boost inside the smoke? Or is it too situational with it's cooldown (and the fact it is still visually glitched)?

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    I completely misread something, ignore post.
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