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  1. Default Looking for Root Abyss boss guide?

    Hi, I'm using a level 191 Dual Blade with 44k clean range and level 10 MW. I was wondering how do people successfully beat Root Abyss bosses?

    It seems so hard to beat those bosses. I just can't understand the real strategy on beating them.

    Are there any detailed guides with pictures preferably on how to beat those bosses?

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    I don't think there's any detailed guides with pictures, but there's certainly a in-depth boss mechanics thread about all the Root Abyss bosses.

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    It didn't really show full details because I'm pretty sure some attacks are missing on that guide.

    I'm also not sure which portal leads to which boss.

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    Which attacks? Most are memorable when you keep doing the bosses each day.

    From left to right: Crimson Queen, Pierre, Von Bon, Vellum.

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    Okay I'm going off memory here so I might miss one or two things.

    Von Bon
    He twirls his wand and shoots a ball towards you, does something like 90% of my health.
    He shoots a ball at you and does around 50% of health.
    He flies up slightly and smashes the ground, does damage, I don't exactly remember how much.
    When he gets low on health he disappears and reappears in the air. His wing flaps super KB you. It does around 3000 to me.
    When he stands on dark clocks time gets added to the clock, white clocks make time go forwards faster.

    Easiest boss of the 4 in my opinion. He has a stabbing attack that super KBs.
    His second attack is smashing down at you with his umbrella, does around 6k to me.
    Hats will drop form the sky, red circles appear on the ground where they will fall. If you get caught you have to spam left and right arrow keys to escape. If you take too long it will kill you.
    He transforms from purple to red or blue. If your hat colour matches his you'll heal him.
    He turns into a spinning fire thing and chases a party member. If he hits you he seals your skills.
    He disappears into a cloud of black smoke, he randomly appears near someone and does 3 hits of really high damage. It's a one hit KO as far as I've seen.

    Bloody Queen
    She has 4 faces, I can't quite remember all of them, I'll update this when I fight her later today.
    Her first face has a claw attack. When hit your vision will narrow to a small circle.
    This form also has a OHKO purple fire attack. Being a DB just stay on top of her and you should be okay.
    Second face summons a mirror and seduces you. If you get seduced and hit the mirror you die.
    Third face is DR, she's crying in this one. When she puts her hands to her face in a praying motion she'll DR.
    Last face summons purple warps in the ground that suck you in. She also crazy skulls you which reverse your direction keys. The warps do around 2.4k DoT per second.

    Vellum hides in the ground mostly, a yellow circle will appear he's going to pop out.
    Vellum will come out of the ground and go almost to the top of the screen, he'll shoot fireballs in the direction he's facing which OHKO.
    A giant yellow circle will appear on the ground. Vellum will pop out from one end and kill anyone he passes over in the circle. OHKO attack.
    Vellum will pop out and be fairly short, green circles appear on the ground. Green lightening will shoot down and do damage while leaving behind a green smoke. The green smoke does DoT.
    Redish black circles appear on the ground. Rocks fall and stun anyone hit by them.

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    Oh pineapple I forgot to update that thread

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    It's there, but in pieces all over that thread lol. But seriously, most of the stuff is easy to watch for.

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    Uh, pay attention when fighting the bosses, they all give very obvious clues to what attack they are going to use next so you can prepare yourself. Von Bon is very easy, just jump pver his energy ball and distance yourself from his tornado and ground smash. You sould attack him when he is on the black clock as it gives you more time, the white clock decreases your time. Perrie is also pretty easy, just dont attack him if you have the same color hat as him as it heals him. He will sometimes teleport, watch for when he reappears because he uses a 1hko attack. The fire tornado seals you (and causes some people to lag bad). The queen has different faces, when she switches she always says a message. "To ashes" means she will use a 1hko attack infront of her. "feel my pain" (blue text) is DR, so be careful. If she someones a mirros destroy it because if it attracts you it will kill you. Vellum is the most annoying as he hides underground till 80% HP and just pop in and out. Wait till he pops out (yellow circle) then attack as fast as possible. After 80% HP he will stay up longer to spit 1hko fireballs for a few seconds. This is your chance o attack and inflict some major damage, just make sure you stand closer to him so the fire balls dont kill you. After a while he will also start to summon a green poison mist that lasts for a few seconds.



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