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  1. Default Does slow attack speed kill luminous?

    Sometimes i really feel that Reflection and Apocalypse are really slow. I know we won't use them for bossing ever since GMS buffed up our Spectral Light by a huge chunk. But their huge delay annoy me so much when i got to use them for some mobbing and questing. TBH, the only luminous' skill that is considered fast is Ender, but the downside is it only attacks 2 monsters. I don't know if +1 attack speed helps much since i never get it after 500+ special circulators and i had given up. Moreover, I find more fun on my I/L compared with my lumi because chain lightning is superior than reflection in terms of their attack speed although reflection covers up a wider range than CL. If i'm not wrong, CL has less delay than Reflection right?

  2. Default Re: Does slow attack speed kill luminous?

    In all cases, yes.

    Ender is meant for bossing so +1target is pretty pointless. IAS is the most useful inner ability in terms of increasing dps, followed by MA and then INT.

    Reflection is occasionally useful for bossing. Apocalypse is meant to be your pack-everything-together-and-give-them-hell skill e.g. in Aswan. Reflection is... dreadfully slow but it lets me solo Party Attack Hard Mode Aswan.

    You stay still when attacking with Spectral Light, so in terms of mobility and survivability Reflection is better. The DPS isn't off by THAT much after Hyper, and I'm not regretting adding 1 Hyper point into increasing range of Reflection, but bear in mind that mobbing isn't critical if you hit lvl200 =.=




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