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    Default how do the "fixed enhancement scrolls" work?

    those new enhancement scrolls that supposedly give fixed enhancement stats to your item, anyone has any idea how they work yet? i'm mainly asking because i want to know this:

    i have a mask with no str, dex, int nor luk, if i used one of those enhancements, would it get these stats at all, or do the stats need to be present already for them to be increased? or does it follow some other random rule?


  2. Default Re: how do the "fixed enhancement scrolls" work?

    So far, I've only seen it grant stats that already exist on the items.

    (At the time of enhancing, I mean, if you scrolled those stats on prior, they would increase as well)

    This blog post has a nice variety of items that have been enhanced, and not one of them added to stats that didn't already exist on the equip (heads up, the mage hat is actually an anviled warrior hat) but what intrigues me is the mystic eye accessory, whose STR and LUK recieved benefits from the enhancements, but DEX and INT didn't, I'm assuming they enhanced to three stars, and then scrolled for the DEX and INT later. It's only +1 though, and I don't know of any scrolls that would add DEX and INT, or more likely, all four stats and only 1 of each, but there might be one.

  3. Default Re: how do the "fixed enhancement scrolls" work?

    Is there any word on how these work on weapons or if they work at all?

  4. Default Re: how do the "fixed enhancement scrolls" work?

    If one were to use an 2-Star multi enhancement on a theoretical item with 198 W.Att, would the total gain be 8 attack or 9 attack? (For reference, items with over 200 W.Att gain 5 Attack per enhance.)

  5. Default Re: how do the "fixed enhancement scrolls" work?

    Judging from these:

    They work like they do on armor, but I'm just assuming, because of the massive amount of extra stats, that these were even scrolled with Miraculous Enhancements in the first place.

    The Katara can't have all the new additional options, so all its stats must've come from scrolls and enhancements.

    The first Energy Sword, on the left, was scrolled with 8 50% Frost Scrolls (+5 All, +5 ATT) and 1 20% Ultimate Scroll (+3 All, +9 ATT), so it got +43 All, +49 ATT from scrolls, but I'm not sure what kind of additional stats it has.

    I don't know anything about the second Energy Sword, on the right, but it has a very large amount of extra stats, and they're all equal, such that it would seem they were added in equal amounts.

    The problem is, I don't have screenshots of both a clean and a scrolled weapon to compare, or at least one before enhancements.

    Here's a clean Empress sword scrolled with Miraculous Enhancements (if I remember correctly, it's from the event notice, so it's definitely scrolled with Miraculous Enhancements)

    And finally, this weapon:

    Which was accompanied by this text:

    Which I believe means that it had 243 ATT at 6 stars, and then 4 more stars brought it to 307 ATT.

    They'll only give ATT from the 6th star and beyond, but because of how the bonuses increase, and what they start at, it'll probably be better to use Miraculous Enhancements on weapons.

  6. Default Re: how do the "fixed enhancement scrolls" work?

    Thanks for that, from some rudimentary math that I did, my suspicions were confirmed. If they have not altered the the tier-based bonuses on enhancement (150-199 4ATT, 200-249 5ATT, etc.) and if MEEs don't deviate from this pattern, it is always better to use MEE for weapons. Since they added fixed stats, I though they might not add the normal ATT per enhance, this is not the case and they tack on a significant amount of additional attack.

    AEE are now relegated only to Tyrant equips and EE to 0% Explode Chance equips.

    You mention these (MEE) were fairly common, were they common enough to accrue the 68+ needed to 12 Star a weapon? And another question, normal Protects will work with these, right?

  7. Default Re: how do the "fixed enhancement scrolls" work?

    You get like 20-ish, per account just for logging in for each day of the event, 10 on the very first day and 3 on each subsequent day, lasted from 23rd to 27th in kMS, so 5 days, but I believe they were still obtainable for a short period afterwards, like two or three days. You can buy them from the Winter Event shop for 10 coins each, or 25 coins for 3. They were packaged in with protection scrolls, 5 Protects + 1 MEE for 25k NX. They also dropped from bosses, I'm assuming just the major bosses. I'm pretty sure normal protection scrolls work on them, because they're packaged together, but I don't know for sure.

    During the event period, from 2PM to 4PM server time each day, the chance of passing an MEE is increased. Initially it was 2x the chance, but they changed it to +10% chance, as in 1 Star would go from 60% to 70%, not 66%.



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