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  1. Default Java: Windows terminal isn't updating classes?

    Alright. This isn't as much of a code problem as it is a Windows problem.
    I'm using two machines at this very moment: One Linux and one Windows. I suppose that's irrelevant, but still.
    OK, I put the source files for my program on both machines and am trying to run them through the command terminal.

    Linux is running fine. It's busy sorting through a million integers right now. >_>
    Windows... isn't. Compiling the source code doesn't update the class definitions for some reason, even when clearing all source code files from the folder I was using. What happens is that when I run the class (here, Assign1), it's running old code that I'd compiled before completely finishing my file. How I know is that it's outputting test strings that I'd removed since then.

    Are the class definitions saved somewhere else besides the directory of the source code?
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  2. Default Re: Java: FileWriter sucks.

    outFile doesn't contain anything/doesn't have a proper directory.

    what are you passing to printArray as outFile?

  3. Default Re: Java: FileWriter sucks.

    outFile is a string. Of course.
    Fixed it: string wasn't being initialized correctly and was returning a null value.

    See post 1 for new problem.

  4. Default Re: Java: FileWriter sucks.

    ... well, obviously

    The null pointer exception on that line means you didn't pass it a proper file directory. It had nowhere to create a FileWriter. I was asking what that string was.

    but you fixed it, so that's good.



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