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    I got a new router the other day to replace the old one and to imrpvoe internet connectivity for my Wii U console. Now, when I try to use internet on it, I no longer have an issue with Wifi, but now I get miscellaneous errors. I can't go on Miiverse or Eshop anymore, Nintendoland won't let me post my activity, and I don't even see others activity on Wii U menu anymore. Here is the three errors I continue to get:


    I can get on internet more and I'm not bugged with continuous error messages a lot, but the wait time is slow and the errors still persist, but at a lower rate. I called Nintendo and worked on the router by obtaining the IP and so on, hasn't changed my issue whatsoever. Some times the blue icon turns into a orange and goes back. I even resorted to moving my console, here it is now.

    The guy considers that one of the issues is that there may be interference. But I don't know what to do and I can use help.

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    If it's an interference issue, pretty much the only solution is to move the router or the wii u closer to the other. It's at least worth a try

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    I'm thinking of getting a wireless wifi adapter. Would that help? I can't get a wired because I'm a few rooms away and below the Router.

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    if it's caused from interference the adapter won't help any. (in most cases)

    Just try temporarily setting it up next to the router and see if the problem persists.

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    Ok, I put my console next to the router again. I can honestly say the issue is that I'm too far from the Router for a coarse connection. In my room, I get mostly 1-2/3 bars, mostly 1. When I go to my router, it's a full 3 and all my programs run faster. I doubt it's interference.

    My dad and my cousin believes that the Wii U may have a bad reciever and it's related due to the console itself, rather than the router. My Wii U has more issue connecting than my Wii.

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    But does your wii have issues at all? If they both have issues then it's not the systems themselves.

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    My Wii never had a problem with connecting to the internet. The only time it had connection problems was when I first configured it when I got it for Christmas. I took it near the router, updated it and the connection's still going today.



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