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Thread: Battleship

  1. Harrisonized

    Default Battleship

    Someone please explain to me why the cooldown is even related to the durability. If you can take significantly more hits on a higher leveled battleship (the def added is brought into play as well), then wouldn't your ship last longer even though the cooldown is longer?

    Also, if you aren't forcefully dismounted from your battleship before your cooldown ends, then doesn't that mean you can literally stay on your ship... forever?

  2. Default

    eh i'd find someone whose used it a bunch to know for sure. Eventually in the long run it is better because after it takes a beating you can wait just a small amount and have it up and running again. Which means you can be really careless with it. I guess if you suck at playing a slinger that might be an option lol

  3. Default

    It's a factor of HP versus cooldown, in this case say, level 150, you get ~50% more HP but the cooldown is four times as long - not a good use of time.

    The source of your misconception, though, may be your thinking that the cooldown starts when you get on the ship - it actually begins when the ship breaks. It's not hard to tell, since a 154 Captain from one of the videos in the gunslinger guide repeatedly goes on and off their battleship in a fairly short period of time:


    Since cooldown doesn't affect the skill when it's used, then it's only logical to conclude that it affects the skill when its durability runs out - hence the HP/cooldown comparison.
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    Comments in bold.
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    i got a question, if i board on ship, zk use 1hp 1mp skill on me, will my ship's hp becomes 1? or just char's hp becomes 1?

  6. Default

    Just character's hp. I'm assuming the ship takes damage equal to the hp you lost though.

  7. Default

    then char's hp remain untouch?

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  9. Default

    ship can be heal? or hb?

  10. Harrisonized


    I don't get it though. Why should nexon come out with a skill that worsens with progression?
    A level 10 ship has 10 times as much more def than a regular ship.
    Also, the way the pirate is using it in her video, you wouldn't be dismounted very often anyways. O_o
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  11. Default

    They might not think it's worse because of the bonus +100 Defense.
    Unfortunately, Defense isn't that important in this game.

  12. Harrisonized


    Well... it does last longer in the long run, if you're careful enough. And training with the Brawler counterpart will allow them to use Time Leap on the battleship. IDK. It just feels strange to me that Nexon would make the skill worse the higher the level increases. =/

    I'm thinking that a boss party with three brawlers and one shadower and two gunslingers will allow all of them to not be hit at all in a boss run, which means the Gunslingers can stay on their mounts forever, but w/e.

    But I digress...
    Since I still don't know why Nexon put it in this way, does the durability decrease with time? Since it is compared to a mount, I can compare it to tiredness?

  13. Default

    Since it is not a living entity, it cannot become "Tired".

  14. Default

    This isn't the first time Nexon has come up with a skill that is more useful at a lower level than maxed. But unlike Arrow Blow, where the source of the problem is a typo, this is just a design flaw. This confuses the hell out of me.

  15. Default

    Perhaps, but you'll notice she uses Ice Splitter a lot to avoid being attacked on two sides at once, a tactic that doesn't work at bosses.

    And as for the second question I've quoted, while it doesn't work entirely like that, take a look at the top-right corner when she turns on battleship - the darkened part of the buff which normally indicateds time spent is already almost full. Again, it's pretty much known by now that it's the battleship's HP, and you can see that even with the repeated mount/dismounts its HP doesn't go back up.

    So, I suppose you could refer to durability like tiredness that only goes up when you get hit and down after the 'break'. (Though I'm not sure how re-logging would affect the skill)

  16. Harrisonized


    Such as?
    Yea, I know how it works now by watching the YouTube, but I was just saying that if the HP is affected by time too. (You know, like in aqua and nath, you also lose HP over time), then it'd make more sense, because then it'd technically be "better" in the higher levels. IDK, I just have difficulty seeing that Nexon would put a skill more useful at level 1 I guess.

  17. Default

    It's nexon. That should explain everything.

    The only thing is, I wonder if people have actually gotten more than level 1 battleship and tested the formula. I always speculated that maybe there is a hidden term in the formula that turns to 0 at level 1 battleship

    i.e. 2000*(level-120) + 4000*battleship level + 100000*(battleship level-1)

    Little bit of an exaggeration with the number but the concept could be there. I don't know of anyone who has ever gotten more than level 1 and tested it by taking damage, recording it, and find an exact value by taking 1s or 50s [etc] from monsters.

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    He said Arrow Blow.

  19. Default

    No; no one would worry about the durability and cooldown of Battleship if it could be easily healed by a priest or bishop.

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    "But unlike Arrow Blow, where the..."

    Also, you could argue Final Attack, and how Crusher 16 < Crusher 15.



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