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  1. Default My personal end game Empress staff

    Hi, I have just finished scrolling my Empress weapon. I've read everywhere and people suggest using chaos scrolls, gm scrolls, services etc, and those are insanely expensive. I have nowhere near that kind of money ever to use on this game. So I scrolled my War Staff for my Evan with 60% scrolls and 7/8 of them worked! I then AEE scrolled it 3 times for a total of 191 magic attack damage. It also has 3 lines epic, and 1 of them is ignore 15% damage. So I was wondering, is this a decent weapon to have end game? Or complete garbage?

    If it's not decent, how does this compare to a decent weapon?

    Please give some feedback, thanks!

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    Default Re: My personal end game Empress staff

    "decent" depends entirely on your own definition. There will be a lot of people who out damage you, but it sounds like you made a very nice staff for relatively little money.

    If you're happy with it, enjoy.

  3. Default Re: My personal end game Empress staff

    It's a good start for end-game, and pretty decent for limited funds. I agree with the poster above me. I know that most of my friends try scrolling their weapons with 20%'s and Whites/Prots, but that's definitely very expensive. You can build your way up if that's the way you want to go x)



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