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    So as I understand, there are gonna be some luminous nerfs/buffs coming up at the same time as the Kaiser/AB nerfs. I looked over the post that outlined the changes in Orange Mushroom's blog, but i'm kind of confused. I vaguely remember seeing that the number of hits of apocalypse and other skills would be reduced, so I was wondering what nerfs the class is actually going to recieve.

    I hope this is the right board for this

    Thanks a lot :3

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    What you saw on Orange Mushrooms is the changes. Those nerfs were probably from Tespia.

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    We probably wont get the same changes kms got since these are the main changes
    (4th job) Dark Light Mastery's boost to Equilibrium duration has been decreased from 10 to 5 seconds
    (4th job) Apocalypse's damage has been decreased from 350% to 340%
    (4th job) Morning Starfall's duration time has been increased
    (4th job) Light Reflection's damage has been increased from 300% to 400%, range has been increased
    But our reflection is already at 420% to make up for the fact that equilibrium cd is much longer than kms cd

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    I see. So there were no real changes to number of hits or anything like that? That makes me feel better about it. Thanks for the responses :D

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    Nope. Several Kaiser skills and Angelic Buster's Soul Seeker did have reduced hits, though.

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    And then there's of course the question as to whether or not we actually get the same changes anyways.



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