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Thread: Ariant Bug?

  1. Helium Atom Male
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    Default Ariant Bug?

    Is anyone else having trouble getting to Ariant? Every time I take the ship (genie, whatever) I crash about 3 minutes in. Same with taking a plane. I've done this about 5 times already, so I know it's not just a coincidence. Also aggravating how there's only one way to get to Nihal Desert at all. Can someone else test this? It started happening ever since noon PST today for me. Yesterday worked fine for some reason.

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    Default Re: Ariant Bug?

    i cant say if personally i had problems with it, but my friend dced twice from it. dont know if its just a bug or just an aftermath of nexons horrible servers at before/around and after 2x times.

  3. Default Re: Ariant Bug?

    Traveling via ship has been a bit glitchy lately, from what I've heard.

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    Default Re: Ariant Bug?

    I believe this is the same issue:

    located over in the MapleBugs forum.



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