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Thread: [El Nido] GAZED Von Leon Run?

  1. Default GAZED Von Leon Run?

    I'm usually not one to bother with things like Von Leon. I've never faced the guy save the one Demon Slayer quest where you jump straight to him...>>;;

    Buuut, Luminous's story line has a nice bit involving him. I know it's minor and it looks like you get the 130 quest line without it, but I would still really like to get all of Lumi's quest line finished, as I am really enjoying it.

    I have made it up to the third gate and I can't beat a single bear wolf. (And I was given the helms for the first one and bought the reindeer spears on the second one) So I was wondering if any GAZED players would be interested in helping me out at any point in time this week? I don't have too much to offer meso wise, but you can keep whatever you find, I just really want the quest line.

    My IGN is Luminous3417 .

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    If you can catch me online and I'm not busy I wouldn't mind killing VL real quick.
    You're on your own for the Bears. I despise farming etc items.

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    Okay, I will do my best to get the parts.

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    Update: I finally got 200 maces and was able to move on. Now all I need to do is take out 200 vultures. (although that may take awhile. I am only 115...)



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