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  1. Default Ray of Redemption/Light Redemption vs. Spectral Light (Luminous)

    So this has been bugging me for a while, but with Luminous' release next month I figure why not get it out now.

    Is there anything wrong with getting Light Redemption/RoR over Spectral Light? I mean, yeah, SL is continuous fire and movable, and is quicker, but RoR both heals you and has huge range already. It's probably just a quirk of mine, but I like not using potions if at all possible.

  2. Default Re: Ray of Redemption/Light Redemption vs. Spectral Light (Luminous)

    Why not leave Nox/Moonlight Spear unmaxed? It seems like the most useless skill in the long run since Apocalypse is better in every way.

  3. Default Re: Ray of Redemption/Light Redemption vs. Spectral Light (Luminous)

    Nox Spear is bad-pineappleing-ass, and completely owns the light skills for third job.

    Shine/Light Redemption is a pomegranatety skill. I only put 1 point into it, its not worth your time.

    Spectral Light is annoying to use, but gets the job done. Just not as fast as Nox Spear.

  4. Default Re: Ray of Redemption/Light Redemption vs. Spectral Light (Luminous)

    I'd say have Nox/Moonlight Spear & Spectral Lights maxed.

    Shine/Ray of Redemption has very limited use as a Luminous from my experience, other than a few special cases. It's not really fast casting either, kinda slow in my opinion unless you have SI. The only time when I actually do use it in KMS, is when people get too lazy to self pot/heal in Dimensional Invade PQ & would end up dying ._. . The other case would be healing others when they get Seduced.

    Using Light Skills in Sunfire heals you as well, 1% of your MaxHP.

    Minimum level on Redemption(4, with all else maxed) already heals yourself 100%. However, I haven't quite tried with a party of 6, but it should be majority if not 100% of your MaxHP.

  5. Default Re: Ray of Redemption/Light Redemption vs. Spectral Light (Luminous)

    I've found uses for training with it in some niche areas. The range is enormous, especially the height. I think it can hit all the platforms in the Roids MD, making it super ezmode. It's too slow to be that great though in regular scenarios, and only useful if you intend to OHKO train on things with platforms where you don't miss too much on. Spectral Light is the lesser of two evils for training eventually since it gets you out of Sunfire faster and is just plain stronger. If you're strong enough to OHKO everything with Nox Spear without Eclipse, then it doesn't matter. Shine Redemption should have utility when you're in 4th job if you want to heal for some reason, but 4 points is enough.



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