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  1. Default Exclusive... huh..

    .... My jaw dropped and could no longer be closed again the moment I saw the monsters packing up the valley...
    Oh my pomegranate , had Nexon America ever done this ?!

    and my jaw dropped till my feet the moment I saw the Crossbow Master entered the giant table clock located in front of the Destroyed Bigger Ben

    What did I just see? CMS-imported Destroyed New Leaf City?

  2. Default Re: Exclusive... huh..

    Did they just say "screw you GMS" and make their own, better version of this? lol

    I don't remember destroyed NLC being like that the last time I went through it (then again, I was disinterested to stay there for much longer than 5 minutes).

  3. Default Re: Exclusive... huh..

    Look at that NPC Clutter.

    Nowhere in sight.

  4. Default Re: Exclusive... huh..

    Whaaat. D: Being able to go back in time to the fixed version is awesome. Why can't we have this?

  5. Default Re: Exclusive... huh..

    Oh, yeah.. I now remember watching that video before.

    Wow, that means... there's still hope for our storyline to take a different path! A less tragic one.. for example, we might have ended up in a different dimension (or the future itself) because of some strange force.. So if we do some quests and make sure aliens can't take over in the present, we might make sure that Destroyed NLC never happens. Therefore the ruin of the old Masteria wouldn't take place. That'd be SO awesome. Like.. being able to turn back to the old CWK and the Jump Quests.. yeah, I know, I'm just daydreaming.

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    Default Re: Exclusive... huh..

    lolno, like old NLC, it will be left forgotten. mark my words

  7. Default Re: Exclusive... huh..

    Nexon NA get these maps and quests and revamps NLC or i can dream.

  8. Default Re: Exclusive... huh..

    Agreed: GMS needs stuff like this SOLOing SH gets boring.

  9. Default Re: Exclusive... huh..

    Look at that, Old world potting after every hit in it's fullest.

    I love how they can't complete the animations for the Alien Cogs but in this chinese version they have everything completed. It's like they have a quality control or something over there? Oh wow, they have both destroyed and normal un destroyed NLC... wow don't we pineappleing suck.

  10. Default Re: Exclusive... huh..

    Knowing how some GMS players act, they might try to defend/justify this.

  11. Default Re: Exclusive... huh..

    Of course.. they have a very warped sense of logic that nexon does no wrong and everything they bring is made up by the local team etc.etc.

  12. Default Re: Exclusive... huh..

    I recall this being discussed before like a month after our release or something like that. It was one of those "nexon shafted us, no surprise" type of threads

    oops, ninjaed by kirov. Sorry scrolling down too fast I looked over the post.

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    Default Re: Exclusive... huh..

    When will the people learn that in Nexon's dictionary "exclusive" means "I got it first, then you'll get it eventually".

  14. Default Re: Exclusive... huh..

    Not to mention that whoever gets it first will usually get the worst version of it.

  15. Default Re: Exclusive... huh..

    Jett would like to have a word with you.

  16. Default Re: Exclusive... huh..

    Explain, cus Jett was exclusivee while JMS got samerai's and KMS got angelic buster. All much better than jett

  17. Default Re: Exclusive... huh..

    Jett was originally Dragon Warrior from CMS/TMS (lolexclusive), NexAM just re-skinned all the skills and equipment. Her mastery books are nigh-unobtainable and she's been totally glitchy quest-wise from day one (and MW30 and other stuff).

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    Default Re: Exclusive... huh..

    The only exclusive from jett was the art for the character and skills + some story thing, everything else was just the same pomegranate as the Chinese Dragon warrior iirc.

  19. Default Re: Exclusive... huh..

    Wrong. Dragon warrior was originally jett from GMS, CMS/TMS just re-skinned all the skills and equipment.
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