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    I heard you could buy them from Mo in the Phantom Forest if you did a quest line, but how do I get those quests in the first place? Are they even still available after what happened to Masteria?
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    Not anymore.

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    The quest line is no longer there.
    Also, Mo only sells item one by one. You want 100 All Cures, you have to talk to him 100 times.
    Was never worth the hassle. Better to do Alcaster's quest.

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    I disagree. Mo's cures i would have died for since they auto-consume on pick up. Empress would be so much better.

  5. Water Female
    IGN: PlsBuffBT
    Server: Reboot
    Level: 22x
    Job: Beast Tamer
    Guild: Path
    Alliance: Meme
    Farm: Yeiionde

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    Alright then, I'll try to take both of those into account, shame about the quest line being gone though. Especially since Alcaster's is so long.

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    it's lost some length thankfully, due to the huge amount of warps and stuff implemented nowadays.

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    Alcaster quest took all of 10 minutes for me. Hardest part was getting the rock from snowman, which took 5 minutes since i had to actually kill a bunch for it to drop.

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    The reason you want Mo All Cures is because it consumes on pick up. At a boss with a pot cooldown, you can cure your status without triggering cooldown by dropping a Mo All Cure and picking it up to use it. If you had a little insight, you could pick up ones you dropped previously or have a friend in the back distribute them.

    Also, I believe it works in Dojo too.

    Need Mo All Cures!

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    iirc it was the first thing on his list, so you could just hold down the "Y" key while watching TV for five minutes. Also Mo's questline was less tedious afaik.

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    I can confirm he does still sell them without you needing to do any quests.
    I use them every day at Empress. Makes Oz a lot less annoying.



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