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  1. Default Just a character.

    Spent the past weeks writing a story, now I'm trying to make something out of it. :o

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    Default Re: Just a character.

    Add a nun, give her a lantern and a dagger, and you get...

    I don't know. That's your part now. Can't wait to read the story!

  3. Default Re: Just a character.

    Not scary???.... where is Aslemn???

  4. Default Re: Just a character.

    Clearly he's expanding his unique style to a whole new territory: Letting the audience imagine the horrors he would paint before the nun instead of spoiling it for us!

    ...I mean why else would she be staring and be holding on to a dagger? There's clearly some Cthulhu-level horror off-screen and she's only seen the tip of it so far.

  5. Default Re: Just a character.

    I'm not sure...

    A Nun holding a butcher's knife/dagger like that could be it's own type of scary. What is she going to do with that thing?



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