I'm not sure if this is allowed or anything or the right place but i'm going to try it anyway.


I've been using my avatar I have currently for a very long time but it's not even remotely accurate anymore.
I'm dying to get like an updated version of it but that's not possible since someone random on basil
''doodled'' this in 5 minutes.

I was wondering if there was anyone here who could update it in sort of the same style as my current one.
I dont know what you'd want to include but as long when my head is in it i'm fine. I just want it to be recognizable.

I cant really give anything in return besides credit somewhere thanking you for making it for me.
But i'd really appreciate it if someone could try this for me. I know Karen will try it too at some point
and i'm already really curious about it.

Here is a picture of the current me:

I already cant wait.
Thanks in advance!