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  1. Default Luminous Dual Staff - 1H or 2h?

    Is Luminous' considered 1H or 2H for scrolling purposes?

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    Default Re: Luminous Dual Staff - 1H or 2h?

    Heard somewhere that it's 1H. Not too sure though.

  3. Default Re: Luminous Dual Staff - 1H or 2h?

    so the dual staff has the ball equipable projectile so it's a 1H. does this make those 2h swords become 1h weapons after the recent patch in Kms where adventurers got some equipable projectile as well?

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    Default Re: Luminous Dual Staff - 1H or 2h?

    That kind of logic / reasoning doesn't exist anymore.
    That's like saying guns are 1h weapons, because Mechanics have an equipable projectile.

    No, 2h weapons are still 2h weapons even with the 2ndary equip.



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