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  1. Default Steam is now selling software.

    Yes. It's true.

    They're expanding their selection too. Seems like it's mostly for artwork, game design/creation and 3D modeling. Software is 10% off right now! Go check it out.

    By the way, GameMaker has ACHIEVEMENTS. Just sayin'.

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    Default Re: Steam is now selling software.

    Never really considered them doing this; great move, Valve.

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    Default Re: Steam is now selling software.

    I found it odd they dabbed in hardware before this.

  4. Default Re: Steam is now selling software.

    Gah, SP crashed the MOMENT I posted here this morning.

    I said, I hope that they start including more free software, like Blender or Zbrush (well Zbrush had trials). Maybe more game engines would be good too! They could even throw the UDK in there (Which is currently only listed under "Tools" in your library).



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