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    Cash7 New Content Discussion: What do you actually want?

    I'm curious as to what people want out of new content and why, mostly out of curiousity. I would make a poll, but I feel like that's too rigid as people could want numerous different things.

    One of the main things I want, which might seem rude or stupid, is some alternative leveling up content with some quest chains. What I mean about this is how leveling works.

    The first 30 levels or so are done in your respective town with a pointless quest line, unless you're a hero or novian, then the next 20 levels are spent in Mushroom Kingdom and Kerning Square, then the next 20 are spent in Omega Sector not doing any of the quests or Ariant/Magatia not doing any quests. Then then next 40-50 levels are spent at aliens/LHC (Admittedly I'm not sure where KMS and JMS train for these levels.) Then the next levels are spent at LHC or bosses until you can go to stronghold.

    With the ridiculous amount of classes coming out now I find this baffling. There's literally no new content for these levels coming out. Chyrse is literally just a linear mass of fetch quests and palette swapped enemies with no room for exploration. Aswan is kind of entertaining but it quickly gets repeatitive. PvP is an unbalanced mess.

    It seems to just be new classes and occasionally a new high level area that's only used for the boss and a few maps. I want some new places to explore. I want some new quest lines. Elin Forest was a good start but the entire time I was there it was utterly dead, I was the only one there. I can only hope that the Citadel and Pantheon in the Tempest update has some actual quests and is interesting instead of just a boring path to Magnus, or quests solely for Novians and no one else.

    Maybe I'm wrong and too negative and opinionated. But I am genuinely curious as to what others think about the content we have, what we're getting, and what others specifically want.

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    If anyone's played dragon nest, you follow a general storyline/questline throughout the whole game and unlock more of it as you level up. There are also side quests/storylines that become available. The level speed and amount of quests matches up really well so you can follow a story all the way to the end. Of course you could grind in a single map to level faster but the other way adds more value to what you're doing. If that could somehow be implemented into MapleStory instead of our current quest system, that would be pretty nice.

    Also a boss where "we made the boss harder by making it do 20k damage" isn't really making it harder just more stupid. Something more with strategy, cap off the damage or make it flat damage.

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    I would like adventure content; vast areas to explore and find out secrets about. I would also like more JQs with relevant rewards in different ways, and a return of GQ and many other dungeons like it.
    I am so tired of the dumbing down of the game that I have essentially quit. At least til anything in this regard gets through to Nexon. As if, huh?

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    About bosses, I think the owl tower in azwan is a pretty well designed boss, it does damage that ignore any of your defensive buffs, the 1hko laser can be annoying sometime but at least it's avoidable if u know what skill to use and it doesn't do stupid crap like seduce/pot lock/dispel.

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    Some level 200 explorable content would be nice. More people than ever are hitting level 200 yet there's basically nothing to do up here that you couldn't do at level 170. The upcoming Hyper Skills are a nice start, but an actual explorable area would be stellar, especially if I had reason to go there more than once.

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    Bosses or PQs that require more thought or planning than damage.

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    Default Re: New Content Discussion: What do you actually want?

    What I want, what I'll get and what others want are three views on this game that never seem to mesh well. Do I and others want Maplestory to be an engaging adventure with plenty of story and quests behind it? Yes. Do I want to summon all the great adventure writers and movie makers into a room then have all their ideas be put into the game so that the adventure never, EVER ends and the point of the story is lost a bajillion pages before it finishes? No. That is where the expectations arise. How much do you want to care about two dimensional pixel characters which live in a mystical world of seemingly random, if not crazy, design? You may want there to be a love story or some sort of end to the story or quests which take you a long time but give you a good reward. I see the point of having a bit if not lots more of this. The main problem of that is you are making a game, not a series of books. Last time I checked, games are meant to be fun. If you need to have 500 pages of 5-star quality adventure story behind this or any other game you may be asking too much.

    Now for what I want. I want events and new quest lines/areas that are fun and have a theme. I used to like playing a lot around Halloween/Christmas time for example because of the fun quests and events there was and the rewards for them. The past few years for those types of events have been disappointment after disappointment. Like people have said before, they have gone into too much of a recycling phase and just want to make new classes to get more money. The fun of random events like the ones I said, or even any of the events they have now, is not there. I mean, they even have us collecting water drops and dirty water for Rwandan people. It's not that I don't support them having an event like that but I hate that they are only going to give $10,000 to the charity. This is a company that makes billions upon billions of dollars off people and they only give $10,000 to this charity through OUR time and effort? I think we've finally become the outsourced Indian people to this company :(
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  8. Default Re: New Content Discussion: What do you actually want?

    I like the idea of PvP -- an optional dungeon of sorts that pits you against opponents who can actually strategize. If it could be rebalanced (AND ESPECIALLY DE-LAGGED) that would be nice. Since FFA was pretty much the only mode anyone went into before, I understand cutting it down to one mode, but why did they cut it down to one map? And why remove the variety of buffs and debuffs?

    The decreasing value of secondary stat also bothers me. The upcoming removal of secondary stat requirements altogether, in combination with previous decreases of ss' effects, kind of precludes the idea of AP builds at all. In that case why even have the AP system? Just get rid of it and automatically increase players' stats every level-up -_-; A more nuanced AP system would be nice.

    I like story, but I like good story -- or at least, not offensively dull and overdone. More storyline quests and NPCs with histories would be a plus, if they can write 'em better (and with more regard for continuity ffs). I don't mind a bit of corniness like the beginning Resistance quests, but DS backstory makes me roll my eyes. Also, the main thing that hinders NPC chat for me is having to wait for text to load letter-by-letter. wtp? Is there a programming reason for that?

    //edit: Oh, and queer storylines. Not that that's ever going to happen, considering the whole ONE MAN ONE WOMAN LOL thing.

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    More places to expolore and having meaning to explore them. Like have regions inaccesable untill you finish a specific quest line and in this newly accessible place make it worth going there. Just adding bosses or making a lvl 10~70 region with a 200 lvl boss doesnt cut it either. Or make much sense.

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    I'd mostly just like some higher leveled content that doesn't require a party to maximize its effectiveness.

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    More classes...puhahahaha

    Six words: New and improved Sharenian Guild Quest.

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    Default Re: New Content Discussion: What do you actually want?

    That would seem logical. Nexon could try to make the MapleStory storyline as... "mandatory" and make the quests that go along with it more rewarding EXP-wise. It would be nice for people to know a bit of the storyline, especially if they have no idea why Chief Alex was elected in the alternative time of Henesys Ruins.

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    I dunno, something that's equally able to 2hko my 28k HP dark knight and my 4k hp Phantom just seems... wrong. (referring to his 60% attacks - which ignore stance and invincibility, so you can be knocked from one 60% hit into a second 60% hit and die)

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    I'd like the game to be more mentally stimulating. For training you just walk in a circle around the map holding the key for you mob skill. For bossing you spam your attack skill until they die. It doesn't even matter if they cast Seduce or DR because DR is hard to see being cast and by then you've already lost the fight.

    I never liked this "being able to pin bosses" nonsense. Where's the challenge in that? They could take a page from literally any other 2D Side-scroller game, the bosses would follow a pattern and attack and you actually have to pay attention to which one. I shouldn't be able to stun bosses by dealing enough damage to them. In addition to having an avoid stat I think attacks should be dodgeable. For Warrior classes you could have a Parry skill instead or something. I actually don't know what I want.

    Also bring back the first incarnation of PvP, this version is awful in every conceivable way.

    Also Maple has plenty of areas to explore, it's just that you can get to 200 without having gone to any of them because they suck. They can stand to add Medals and Titles to the quest lines of those areas and upping the difficulty of the bosses there. I mean medals worth getting, though. None of this +50 HP pomegranate.

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    More world tour content. Neo Tokyo finally, Sengoku, Completed China. I will be happy then.

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    -Another massive EXP table reduction. (Yeah, you heard me.)

    -Quest based leveling from 1-200 to go with the EXP table reduction.

    -Level 200 (non-boss) content so there's a reason to actually hit 200.

    -More bosses that aren't 1/1, damage reflect, and seduce spammers, with attacks you can actually dodge. Like Magnus, but, you know. Better designed.

    -A better system for Party Quests. No more daily limits, more than one run going on per channel, perhaps a queue system for them. Better rewards to encourage people doing them, jump segments removed (Because let's face it, they're terrible.), etc.

    You know, modernize the game.

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    I'm curious -- like what?

  18. Default Re: New Content Discussion: What do you actually want?

    Here's an idea for new content:

    Remove every skill book from the game. Everyone who passed their skills keeps them passed, those who didn't and the new people will have to do quests that will replace EVERY book that was needed. So if your class needed like 25 books, now you get 25 quests. All quests can be done at level 120 (100 after Tempest patch), and have the same requirements that passing the books did.

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    Default Re: New Content Discussion: What do you actually want?

    1) New continents.
    2) Expanded Ellin Forest (to the other towns in the past)
    3) Resistance thief and Nova thief
    4) Masteria expansions
    5) A boss halfway between zakum and horntail in difficulty, with something like pap summons (2/day with no cost, instanced)
    6) Remove pq limit, make all pqs give exactly the same amount of exp/time ratio. Add >10 more pqs, all worthwhile.



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