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  1. Default Pirate skill tables

    Fourth job skills will not be posted in this thread. These skills are located in the Fourth Job Skill Tables sticky in the Training Center section.

    You need 20 DEX at level 10 to advance to Pirate

    Infighters need DEX = Level for their equips
    Gunslingers need STR = Level for their equips

    Infighter: Primary (STR), Secondary (DEX)
    Gunslinger: Primary (DEX), Secondary (STR)

    Recent Changes:
    Jun 21, 2008:
    Base Pirate class:
    - Straight's damage increased at all levels
    - Double Fire's MP cost reduced slightly

    - Invisible Shot's MP cost lowered
    - Throw Bomb's MP cost lowered

    - The charge rate for instantaneous was increased
    - Transform's cooldown was vastly reduced

    - Gaviota's MP cost increased (fault of my own)
    - Triple Fire's damage increased at all levels.


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    HUGE thanks to Koolk, Phoenix~Lament, and ZYXWVUT for all their data unpacking, hard work, and translations for these skill tables. These skill tables would not exist without them.
    Thanks to soliunasm for providing extra details on the class for equipment, advancement, and some skills

  4. xDae


    Glad to have this back. I'd be lost without this info D:
    Last edited by xDae; 2008-07-01 at 06:14 PM.

  5. Neutron Straight Male
    IGN: TenKayPlusHP
    Server: Scania
    Level: 200
    Job: (the one and only) HP Dark Knight
    Guild: DarkLily
    Alliance: -none-


    yeah, glad to have this back up too
    helps alot, even the 4th job skills for other jobs too

  6. Default

    im so happy this is here =)

  7. Default

    After looking at these more, I love the 3d job GunSlinger's name. <3 Just looks so cool. XD

  8. Default

    Sweet! I was lost without this! Thanks a lot. And kudos to the Pirate-specific sub forum. =D

  9. Default

    I think you should include the damage formulas, which are found here.

    The skill animations can be found here

  10. Default

    Thanks Fiel for reposting this here, since it was removed from SW.

  11. Default

    I've come across something... This collection of information claims that a Buccaneer's Transform skill gives a STR bonus per level. However, I've discovered that such information is incorrect. My current level of Transformation on my Buccaneer is nine and it states here that I'm supposed to get a STR bonus of nine. However, when I transform, I get no STR bonus. I'm not sure if this information is outdated or translated wrong or anything like that, but I just thought that I'd give you a heads-up.

  12. Default

    Thats ridiculous. They better have the Str bonus

    Maybe they thought Bucs pwnd too much to begin with and decided to take it out

    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 210
    Job: Cannoneer
    Guild: Contagious


    Well what does the description actually say...? O_o

  14. Default

    The description says exactly what it says here, but the skill says that it adds this (level 9):

    MP 38 消費、 物理、 魔法防御力 18増加、 再使用待機時間: 700秒

    Which means:

    MP -38, Physical and Magical Defense +18, wait until you can use it again: 700 seconds

    What it doesn't say in either the description or the added stats is +40 speed and +20 jump.

  15. Default

    Wait, so you don't get a speed/jump bonus from Transforming?

  16. Default

    You get a speed/jump bonus from Transform.

  17. Default

    I just realized that the Oak Barrel description is wrong. It's the MP Recovery Description.

  18. Default

    Thanks for the information, Fiel. I'm always a little hazy when it comes to Pirate skills.

  19. Neutron
    IGN: Sylphior
    Server: Windia
    Level: 13x
    Job: Paladin
    Guild: Leaf
    Alliance: Honorbond


    you gotta change the names now to the awesome(except for 4th job Brawler) GMS names.



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