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  1. Default Nick Partner Offers

    Check your e-mail for this. I'm not sure how I got it, maybe this email address was used for neopets or something.

    The offer was in my Spam folder.

    Inside of the email, there was a redeemable code.

    The code has been used, don't bother trying.

  2. I post a lot Bi Male
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    Default Re: Nick Partner Offers

    Damn it.

    Didn't get the email on my maple email account or on my main one, I'll keep checking. thanks for the heads up

  3. Helium Atom Male
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    Default Re: Nick Partner Offers

    Note to self:

    Accept newsletters on ALL MMORPG accounts you create...

  4. Default Re: Nick Partner Offers

    The nicest thing about that package was the pet (Ruby) lasts the full 90 days, as does everything else... save for the ruby exp coupon. The coupon also wasn't account restricted, anyone could have used it.

  5. Default Re: Nick Partner Offers

    Didn't get it. So you telling me I should play Neopets now? :3

  6. Default Re: Nick Partner Offers

    "with unlimited opportunities to customize and fine tune your skills"...
    Uh. yeah. by making a brand new character with a different class.

    Not like there's room for much, if any, variation inside each class. at all. Fine tune your skills? Really PR department? Fail.

  7. Default Re: Nick Partner Offers

    You can buy SP resets and change your usage of Thunderbolt to Cold Beam! Exciting!

  8. Default Re: Nick Partner Offers

    Really? A bit of free crap once in a while isn't worth mountains of spam, in my opinion. I did those NX offers once, using a throwaway email. Worst experience ever.

  9. Default Re: Nick Partner Offers

    Maybe when hyper skills are available to GMS(and all character trees) this might be... partially true..?

  10. Default Re: Nick Partner Offers

    Not when some of those skills are useless pomegranate like "Link Reinforce - Improve the damage on Stunning Strikes" and "Increase Accuracy by 20%".

  11. Mercury
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    Default Re: Nick Partner Offers

    Make accuracy boost crit chance/max crit damage then we'd have something decent.



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