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  1. Default "HP Washing" With Full Resets?

    with* i cant type today ! :(

    Okay so, This is mainly to those who have used this method.

    I have a few questions.

    1. Does it still work?

    2. Can it be done at Lv200 or is leveling required?

    3. What are the steps and how many times can it be repeated?

    4. For a thief class, how much HP will be gained?

    Thanks in advance and sorry if this has already been posted.

  2. Default Re: "HP Washing" Wish Full Resets?

    1. It works

    2. It can be done at 200. You can add points into MP while having a lot of int and you gain more MP/int that way. In fact, unless you're a mage, I'm pretty sure leveling up with extra int doesn't have an effect on MP anymore

    3. repetition is limited by your funding in nx/the minimum MP formula. I'm absolutely terrible at explaining things so for the steps someone else will probably answer

    4. 16 HP per point I think. Don't remember

  3. Default Re: "HP Washing" Wish Full Resets?

    Btw, just for random information about AP resets:

    Single AP resets reset again to a minimum of 4 again, Nexon fixed this in last patch because they had it at a minimum of 5 before, while always having it at 4 for years in a row.

    But regarding Full AP resets and resetting AP points which were added to HP/MP, that doesn't work (never did?), but I'm not sure what you mean with washing. ;)

  4. Default Re: "HP Washing" Wish Full Resets?

    Thanks @Proxied, very useful information.
    Also thanks @Devil for that extra info and for the mods for fixing my title

  5. Default Re: "HP Washing" Wish Full Resets?

    No problem @Foxino;

    One thing to keep in mind, you may or may not know this, I sure didn't at first, but in order to use the individual resets you will need 25 base dex(first job required stats), otherwise the reset just won't do anything. This threw me off for so long(and the full resets from cash shop reset everything to 4)

    Don't know if you know this or not, but better safe than sorry

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    Full Ap wash is Expensive as hell ... depending how many time u would dare to spen on it...
    ap reset cost 3.1k nx each.... for each wash...
    and putting ap into hp going to cost u alot cuz full ap reset cant take stuff out from hp

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    Default Re: "HP Washing" Wish Full Resets?

  8. Default Re: "HP Washing" Wish Full Resets?

    I think this might still be viable? I can't imagine the formula's for minimum MP and the HP taken have changed at all. I don't know how much HP you'll get per point but I think you'll loose like 12 MP or maybe 14?

    For phantom maybe try Night Lord? I'm really not sure what it would qualify as, Mercedes is probably just bowmaster.

  9. Default Re: "HP Washing" Wish Full Resets?

    Adding on the the 25 base requirement for individual resets, full resets and all those other AP reset scrolls don't remove points added into HP/MP. Every 10 INT is an extra 1 MP per point added into MP or at level up for mages. 12 MP is equal to 16 HP for thieves and archers (I think for pirates too or just corsairs are least). The formula for warriors and mages is different.

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    warriors is 4 mp=20 hp (when using an AP reset) if you put the AP directly (which is always the better option) it's 50 hp

    that said, in order:


    doing it at level 200 is best actually, the more initial AP you have the better in fact.

    i'll start by saying it can be done infinite times, as long as your wallet can stand it (and at a price of 3 grand a complete wash... yeah...)

    -first step (i'm assuming level 200) is to buy and use a full ap reset
    -then you dump as many of those points into int, and wear int equipment, and use int potions and such, get your int as high as possible.
    -then use your remaining AP into mp, if you have a high enough amount of int, the mp you gain per AP used on mp will be massive (my DrK had 2.5k int, was gaining around 250 mp per AP, and washing it out only used 4 mp, so a massive amount of extra MP gained.
    -now you have a lot of AP on int, use a full AP reset to bring it back to your AP pool for use, then dump as much as you want of it into HP (i'll assume you dump it all)

    you'll end up with the stats required to job advance (say, a pirate requires 25 dex) and the rest of your AP in your HP/MP pool. and here comes the expensive part...

    -buy individual AP resets, and reset ALL that ap from MP into your main stat.

    end result:
    normal amount of AP (999 main stat or 997/25 whatever secondary, depends on job)
    stupid amounts of HP for your class
    variable amounts of MP, depending on how much extra AP you used in the third step.
    a wallet with 3 less grand

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    Thank you very much, sadly unless they put single AP resets on sale I can't afford with college coming up

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    Default Re: "HP Washing" Wish Full Resets?

    welcome to my world, i refuse to buy them at 3.1k each, and am waiting for them to be 1k-1.3k, HOPEFULLY this new daily deal brings them. i'm tired of running with 775 base str.



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