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    I've been having a quite strange daydreaming experience lately, and it happens in absolutely any place or time of the day; I'm thinking about something on my way to the kitchen, I open the refrigerator and BAM, I "wake up" after like 2 minutes feeling like it's been an hour; if I close my eyes while I'm on the shower, I just drown into these thoughts and come back like I was pushed there; and even when I'm going to sleep, these thoughts come and I enter that state.

    Actually, the main experience has been happening exactly when I sleep, my dreams, in comparison to their old manifestations are now completely different; some years ago, they were just the normal, cliché dreams (different visions of familiar environments, like my room, house and garden; falling, appearing naked to public or something like that); but now, they've changed so much it actually amazes me.

    Since some months ago, my dreams drastically changed from that, to completely new, and mostly unreal places; extremely colorful, with an extremely high amount of details, and feelings inside them, some of those are so deep that I can feel the whole environment, get myself inside the actual place, hear voices, dialogues and even "feel" touch or odor.

    Like yesterday, I've had a dream about some woods, with dry brownish green leaves over the floor and a peaceful yellow sky, I was running into a boy, and we eventually managed to find an old wall with a hole on it, I got through it and I could "see" myself inside, look to the sides and up, and have a view of a dark, immense old house, with a huge stairway; with dull portraits of medieval ladies on the walls, the boy disappeared and I started to walk into the stairway as I "heard" some scratching noises, I eventually ended up on the top, looked down and "felt" scared (because I don't like high places), I heard the loud voice of a man babbling, and then woke up; even if the nonsense did stay, I could actually feel these things and remember them when I woke up, and even if I close my eyes and think of that, the images of those flashbacks just come, like these actually are stored as any normal memories.

    Even the dreams that feature any resemblance with previously seen places (like one I had with the school I was in the 2nd grade) were completely different, the faces and voices were from there, but the environment was extremely detailed and always too big; they now give me a strange experience, that I feel completely immerse inside that universe, and when I wake up, I always feel like I've been sleeping for much longer than a single night.

    These just started showing up by the years and came alongside some weird, yet useful sensations, like being now able to imagine senses, to feel a touch that didn't happen, or to smell an odor that isn't there; it's both good and bad, depending on the view, as I can actually make my eyes "see" something different without sleeping and be able to dig for a certain memory, even a class related memory, but it also makes my mind to float on times when I need to get something done by a certain amount of time, like some tests that I wasn't able to deal so well with for my whole life.

    I'm just a little worried; I don't even know if this is a real problem, as I actually enjoy this and don't really feel like it's something that bad, as my nightmares and falling dreams were replaced by those, I don't really know if this is happening because I'm just closer to myself in these vacations than I am in my normal routine, or just some other stuff I'm not aware of.

    I just want to know some opinions, and possibly some experiences, as I probably won't talk much about this to many people without it looking like I'm completely out of my mind. Is all this actually wrong?

    *Not quite sure if this suits the Rubik's Cube or the Speakeasy; I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place.

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    Do you work in architecture or have a construction hobby of some sort? I did hear about something called a "memory palace" and what you describe sounds similar.

    My dreams tend to be centered on things or events rather than the setting. Or maybe I just do not pay attention to my surroundings when I am asleep? (shrugs)

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    Default Re: Diving into my mind.

    Did these dreams start happening around the same time your pictures got more and more grotesque?

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    Memory palaces are a way to remember multiple things. You would walk through your house (or any other well know place) and put images or something that would help you remember a specific memory. It has nothing to do with architect or construction, and it does not seem similar to his dreams.

    Some of your dreams sound like someone on drugs....

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    Well the construction question was referring to Aslemns dream since there seemed to be a lot of details coming from what I would think is background stuff. (but that would depend on the dream)

    Memory palaces can be used to remember anything, not just images.

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    What are you doing and why aren't you sharing?

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    If anything, I'm amazed that you can remember your dreams so vividly. But based on impressions, I have similar experiences too.


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    Actually, yes; I've been doing quite a few experiences with myself about dreams since last year or so, like that one when you try to "control" the environment in there and get rid of nightmares when you want to, by doing certain things while inside; it was pretty funny at the beginning to be honest.

    I've been making a dream journal for like a year; at the beginning, I just ran to write up what I could remember, it was mostly one these random dreams; within time, these got more and more interesting and deep, these dreams with strange stories that seemed like long movies actually happened, they were extremely detailed, but I can only count like four or five per year; when I was like 12, I once had a dream of a maid, locked inside a seventieth century house, a simple house made out of stone, with a living room with ripped out red curtains, with pines outside, a cloudy night environment, inside a dark room with only a candle on the wall; I just saw her in there, then jumped to her running from the house towards the woods, and digging herself a hole to jump inside.

    Extremely weird and nonsense, but it had an incredibly nice amount of details that I was amazed back then; they stayed at that frequency for years, until these experiences I've talked about on the main post.

    As for those results out of these things I've been doing, one of them actually turned out to be true after I read somewhere that you can dream about something specific if you focus on it before sleeping; I've tried it with a project I had to do for university, kept drawing and thinking about it for two days, and one night I had an awesome dream about it, the whole drawing being converted to an environment, with all the objects, people and a specific situation happening in there, and these have been working for the other projects next to them.

    God, even my nightmares seem to have changed and are interesting, perhaps because I had lost many of the fears that I had many years ago. Such as the fear of bleeding and vomit. I used to feel desperate and hide myself when I heard someone vomit for absolutely no reason, I've always tried to think about it, to understand it but it didn't seem to work, the same goes to the others; they just got away since some time, I've got more used to blood and stopped caring that much about others (maybe the reason of that fear to exist was that I was extremely worried and paranoid about health of the ones close to me); I dunno, it just seems more natural than frightening now.

    I still have random nightmares, but they seem to be less powerful now. I guess the biggest change is that most of my recent dreams have nothing to do with me anymore, even if the situation is scary or terrifying, I don't feel anything inside because I feel like I'm just watching those things happen; I've had a nightmare on Monday, extremely detailed like the others and it did exactly feel like that.

    I've watched myself as a kid, alongside other kids in a rainy day heading to a place that seemed like a school of some sort, an enormous and tall wooden stairway, it was pretty dirty and the building had many windows over that way, there were like three or four doors on the bottom, and one at the top. I then jump to inside that room and there's some strange decoration in there, red paintings on the wall, trees, some weird objects and plants, then I jump to another scene where the kids are playing and one of them steps on the floor and explodes by a bomb, then a huge fire starts and I see myself trapped inside that higher room, then I fall from there and wake up; strangely, I didn't actually feel bad anytime during that dream.

    I'm actually amazed with that change and how "long" these dreams seem to be, by that I mean that sometimes I tend to oversleep just too much until someone wakes me up, I've gotten to sleep more than 14 hours without feeling anything different once, for someone that had a really bad sleeping problem, that's just too damn weird.

    I just can't decide if I'm more scared or amazed by these changes. :S

    Hah, I don't even keep a record of when these started, I've always had a thing for grotesque stuff on art since much longer, I just didn't ever try to make it happen until like a year ago. Speaking of that, you now make me remember of a presentation I had to do for school once, it was about the concept and example of parody, all groups had the same subject. I had the examples part as for graphic arts, and I brought a parody of that Boticelli painting (The Birth of Venus, naked woman on shell and pomegranate), I brought a parody of the same canvas, with a fat man instead of the woman, naked with a pink towel on his pubes, instead of the beach background it was a dirty laundry with weird clothes and objects, instead of the shell it was a pink bowl with dirty water and other creepy crap over the picture.

    The teacher actually liked it saying that it was a very distant parody, yet interesting compared to the other "normal" examples by other people, but I can't really say that my classmates were a little comfortable with that painting being on a gigantic projector in front of them. Now that I think about this, it makes me feel stupid. lol.

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    Default Re: Diving into my mind.

    Not to get off topic, but I really want to see this now a_@



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