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  1. Default Gold Wii Nunchuck Now Avaliable from Club Nintendo*

    *But they ran out of stock "faster than anticipated".

    Anyway, I recently found out that they finally brought out the Nunchuck to match the WiiMote that was released with the limited edition version of Skyward Sword; but a few things prevented me from getting one, least of which being the lack of supply. It also costs a pretty large sum of 900 coins, which puts me out of range by about 50%. If you check on eBay, they already are up to $70+. Considering I was one of many to mention this to one of there support reps whilst handling another issue, it's disappointing that I realistically won't be able to get one.


    So yeah, I was going to piggyback this off of the most recent Club Nintendo thread, but that already reached necro-status. Lost the post, so this paraphrase sucks, but I had a short bit that was relevant to that thread as well. Picked Super Mario Kart for the Wii as my Gold reward.

    as for the posters

    So, was anyone fortunate enough to grab one of those limited Nunchucks?
    EDIT2: Also found it silly that they had to clarify that the "Gold" Nunchuck does not contain any precious metals.
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