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    I know the DB "dodge" in various skills (Side Step, Shadow Meld, Mirror Target) is actually Avoid% (according to the extractions) but I noticed something weird when I was at LHC (Reindeer) today. I didn't get hit, once. Ever. I don't have huge amounts of LUK (22xx ish), and my avoid is significantly less than my Shadower's (about 3k less).

    My shadower does get hit, occasionally, at the same map, but my DB has literally, in 4 hours of training, not been hit a single time. Can someone explain why this would happen?

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    Job 1 isn't in the ultimate skill table so I haven't checked Side Step actually...
    But the other two (in the skill table thread) are listed as %Avoid. All 3 are listed as %Dodge in their respective in-game descriptions.

    Edit: Shadow Evade is listed as Avoid chance and Mirror Target is listed as Avoidability.

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    Mirror Target was listed wrong. All three you listed for a Dual Blade should be Avoid Rate, not Avoidability%. They shouldn't have any Dodge Rate.

    So for whatever chance to avoid with your current Avoid stat, multiply that by 1.7 if all three are maxed.

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    Ohh, okay. Thanks a bunch, clears it up. (A guildie and I were "debating" this for a good half an hour through 2x)

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    What's the difference between dodge and avoid rate? I can't seem to find anything about it.

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    I believe Dodge is what Shadow Shifter falls under (complete damage negation) and Avoidrate is what causes those purple "MISS"es to pop up over your head. (Avoid Rate is based off your Avoid and the enemy monster's Accuracy)

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    Oh... Thank you, I've been using the wrong sources for this. I understand it now.



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