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  1. Default Opinions on post-mutiny Buccs

    I remember there used to be a ton of threads about Bucc playstyle and cool ideas or suggestions about what could make Buccs a better job. Now that thrill is kinda dead, but after a few tweaks, we finally got a real Buccaneer revamp. What do you guys think about it now?

    I'll start listing a few points of relevance:

    1) I'd say Buccs are doing pretty good in terms of power now, but skill variety has gone way down. I feel they gave Buccs a little too many buffs and a little too many actual skills.

    2) Transformation gone is fine, you can now see your character and yadda-yadda. I just find the male spirit sprite really ugly. Wish they kept female spirit for female characters. Both for all the skills and the mount.

    3) The tornado thingy you get in second job is ugly and annoying as hell. Glad I'm well past these levels so I won't have to see that skill in my keyboard. But really, Somersault Kick is better than that. It just doesn't fit in. Seems like a skill made for Thunder Breakers.

    4) The distance covered by Corkscrew Blow and the new rush you link together is pitiful. Specially playing a Mutiny-update Dual Blade, our rushing skill (Tornado Spin) now has a nice animation, does good damage, and covers more distance than a Bucc linking both of his rushes. For a class that has no flashjump-y skills, I was expecting a much better rushing.

    5) Speaking of movement skills, I've found the first job rush exploitable in certain irregular ledges, you can make a small jump which will proper you forward like a small soul jump. A running movement skill has potential (specially now that Tornado Spin from Dual Blades doesn't have a running animation anymore), I wish they would improve the speed, or do something better with it. It's -almost- good.

    6) The potential awesomeness of the 4th job lazor is totally ruined by the fact that you don't fire the blast with your own hands. A spirit does. WTP Nexon, lrn2marketing, your customers want to fire a Kamehameha, not invoke a summon that fires one for you.

    7) Energy Mode feels more dynamic now, I'll give them that. But the aura is tacky and Energy Blast is a dull skill. They should have totally moved Energy Orb to 3rd job (and give it a nice revamp) and removed Energy Blast, which is just as tacky as the gay tornado.

    8) Why the hell are Buccs the only pirates without a vertical movement skill? They had the perfect chance to give them a skill like Kaiser/AB, where the bucc would throw a rope upwards with an anchor in the end, and pull himself up. I wanna see that dynamic on buccs.

    I'd say it was a good attempt, hope they keep improving this job in the future. I think I've made a few not too farfetched suggestions, and I'm hopeful, I mean, Nexon did listen to the community wanting a lazor... they they gave a lazor to Mechanics... Cannoneers... everyone and their grandma... and then to Buccs! So let's see what happens with this job in the future of KMS

    Also, why no Bucc prefix in Southperry?

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    Default Re: Opinions on post-mutiny Buccs

    I disagree. I find the combo to be incredibly useful and fun.. on a flat map at least. Start at one side, Corkscrew + Spiral + Corkscrew + Spiral + Corkscrew + Spiral. The lack of a delay makes the combo amazing for destroying mobs and traversing the map.
    In regards to the push distance, I think it's enough to be honest. You are a close range fighter, why would you want to push them further away? you push them and group them up then unleash Energy Blast. I think it does the job rather nicely, and it's a hell of a lot better than having to charge up corkscrew before the update.

    I'm having a lot of fun on my Marauder, much more than i was having pre-revamp, and the new 5% HP/MP passive means my MP is always full. The stance bonus from Energy Charge is great.

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    Default Re: Opinions on post-mutiny Buccs

    I also don't get tornado upper its only use to me is Azwan in normal training situations cork>ssk was much better and being kbed wouldn't disrupt me atking.
    Sadly I cant say anything about 3rd or 4th job yet. I should stop being slow.

  4. Default Re: Opinions on post-mutiny Buccs

    It's amazing. The Double Spiral->Corkscrew combo practically makes up for not having a horizontal movement skill. I can get across an entire map in a few seconds. And somersault kick having iframes is great to use.

    Only things I would change is to give the old Energy Charge animation and just recolor it red. The new one is really ugly. Also, I'd love to have the skill that Angelic Bursters get that pulls them up to above platforms. It even makes sense with Buccaneers previously having Snatch.

    I'm still not used to Dash though. I don't like how I'm forced to have it. It makes me slide around sometimes and it feels weird.

    o.o What classes even have a laser skill other than those three? Mikail kind of has it, but the range doesn't seem to be as good.
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  5. Default Re: Opinions on post-mutiny Buccs

    I don't like Dash as the only mobility skill, I feel like Octopunch needs more forward range and I think they should have Stance as passive without Energy Charge being active, aside from those things I really like my Buccaneer after the revamp. Pretty entertaining to play.

  6. Default Re: Opinions on post-mutiny Buccs

    I've only played my thunderbreaker but they're pretty fun to fight arkarium with. I couldn't imagine trying to boss when buccs have so many more buffs, it's terrible rebuffing.

    Well duh. A buccaneers only major weakness i can see is the fact that they have a lot of buffs that have long cast times. Dispel f'ucking wreaks them, and i pointed this out as a flaw many many months ago when i was critiquing the class in the pros and cons thread.

    .WZ editing.

    .WZ editing.

    Maybe you just suck at it? I haven't used the combo myself, but it's clearly superior than a lot of rushing other classes have. Corkscrews range might suck, but at least it's longer than fist enrage so you can use it to get in range if you get pushed back or to evade attacks.

    The speed is fine. The stance is great. The sliding is cool. My only problem with it is that you can't attack so easily out of it.

    Lol. Get over it.

    Again, get over it. You've had what, 6-8 months to deal with it?

    Because they currently have the strongest horizontal mobbing of all pirates.

  7. Default Re: Opinions on post-mutiny Buccs

    My god, I hate how I have so many buffs now. And they all have a 1500ms delay. It's a pain in the ass. I definitely need to get three perma auto buffs so I don't have to worry about the three new ones they gave Buccaneers.

  8. Default Re: Opinions on post-mutiny Buccs

    I don't post often but there are only few things i would change/want.
    Remove Shockwave for Snatch and recolor Blast with the old animation because it is faster and allow Dash to be casted mid air and add bonus damage to spiral assault as well.
    I also cast all my buffs on a rope/ladder because it is at least 2x faster than casting it on the ground.

  9. Default Re: Opinions on post-mutiny Buccs

    A lot of the time you won't have the option.

  10. Default Re: Opinions on post-mutiny Buccs

    It was fun to plantain around with my Viper after the revamp for a while. I even found it fun when compared to Phantom... But after a while, I just got bored of it. Basically, it was only fun to me because it was new.

    Now that I've played Hayato, however, I don't know if I have plans on returning to my Viper. The only thing my Viper has over anything is its accomplishments and accumulated items and whatnot.

    If I had to do it all over again, start a Viper from the very beginning to where I am now, I wouldn't do it. I greatly prefer the way it was before over the way it is now. The way it is now is just completely unappealing to me (before 4th job).

  11. Default Re: Opinions on post-mutiny Buccs

    Vipers don't require skill, not anymore. Pushing two keys in A>B>A>B>A>B succession isn't hard to do, but since you're saying you haven't tried it, it's probably not as good as you imagine. From my experience, a Dual Blade or a Mercedes solely spamming their rushes are way faster than chaining both of a Bucc's rushes. Corkscrew isn't really a rush anymore, even. Also unless they nerfed them (haven't checked in a long time), a Mechanic's rush is also WAY faster than a Viper, giving them much better horizontal mobility.

    Also, editing wz files or "getting over it" has never been my philosophy, I think that things can be improved for everyone.

  12. Default Re: Opinions on post-mutiny Buccs

    Every character requires skill.

    I'm only imagining based on seeing the range and some videos. Literally just applied SP on both my buccs and logged off.

    I mean i did say most. A lot of classes also have extra mobility of they happen to have a rush anyway so i'm not even arguing that it's the fastest out there. It's just superior is all, since they're basically spammable.

    Not sure about that.

    A mechanic's horizontal mobility is off the wall no matter how you look at it. So fast the GM's disconnect you for hacking.

  13. Default Re: Opinions on post-mutiny Buccs

    I don't really like it, transformation did get a little old and I'm glad to be able to see my character more, don't get me wrong. But much of the stuff they put in this class just removed the reason I played bucc in the first place, I tried screwing around for awhile on it and it's just not that fun anymore.

    Lol laser everything across the screen while I'm half asleep, NICE REVAMP. This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO fun.

    Oh yeah and thanks for an ultimate, because we really need that right? I mean the laser we have isn't powerful enough so lets just slap an ultimate on like every other class and we can be good.

    But this problem has extended far past buccs and is basically Maple's only real feature these days, back then Maple seemed to be built to enhance your experience despite the fact that this game is just a huge spam fest, it doesn't really feel that way anymore.

  14. Default Re: Opinions on post-mutiny Buccs

    I'm just happy I'm doing more damage. My solo time for monster park has been cut in half. Also, Excluding the lack of iframes, I feel octopunch is overall a better move both in terms of damage and design. Buccs still being fun to play is an added bonus too.

  15. Default Re: Opinions on post-mutiny Buccs

    I just personally hate the fact that the double rush renders my character immobile for like 2 seconds. I's annoying because i take MUCH more damage than I need to. I don't know why it's so hard to chain the two together (can you even do that? Spam the spiral and CSB keys and infinite rush?) Still have yet to pass the passive knuckle mastery book (because I thought nexon would give us a free special mastery book like EVERY OTHER REVAMP THAT'S HAPPENED SO FAR). Just waiting to get those 55 coins to get the book from the renegades shop...

    Liking the new barrage though. very nice to have a spammable 1v1 attack that isn't terribly behind on DPS charts. not liking the loss of invincibility as much (swear my potion costs have gone up three fold :C) Trying to adjust to using SSK to avoid things like the pillars of the aswan towers. Laser is ok. Nothing new to me having played all the pirates ever made (i.e. cannoneer and mechanics and their master laser cannons). Could have done without the ultimate as I almost never use it for anything except to show off and whenever I remember that I have it. Appreciating my damage range nearly doubling though. Can't wait to finally pass the stupid knuckle mastery book though. Missing out on a ridiculous chunk of damage :[

  16. Default Re: Opinions on post-mutiny Buccs

    Huh? I can chain Spiral Assault and Corkscrew just fine across an entire map with little delay just fine. I do Spiral first and while Spiral is going I keep clicking the Corkscrew key and vice versa.

  17. Default Re: Opinions on post-mutiny Buccs

    That always gets me hit because both of them end up with me standing on top of the monster and they don't have invulnerability frames, aside from the initial launch invulnerability, like with a warrior's Rush. Maybe it's just due to distance lag... This happens to be on both the Japanese and the American servers.

  18. Default Re: Opinions on post-mutiny Buccs

    My bad, I still take damage sometimes when I rush across large areas. Though when I use Spiral across the mini towers at Azwan I avoid touch damage.

  19. Default Re: Opinions on post-mutiny Buccs

    Like I said, I haven't been able to get the timing down just right yet. I can't chain spiral and CSB more than once. Almost always (well in my experience anyway) when you stop the combo, there's some sort of lag/freeze frame where you can't do anything for 1-2 seconds even if you press the hotkey for another attack. It's really annoying.

  20. Default Re: Opinions on post-mutiny Buccs

    I honestly got bored. I still se Dragon strike on smaller platforms and maps because it is so much faster. I tired mount canceling Blast but that did not go to well. And the fact that we did not get any mastery books (and all the books i passed before had no effect). I'm stuck with Crossbones at lv10 until i can turn in my old books (have about 15 of them ). Over all i would say the revamp is decent, but not really what i wanted. I guess it did make 2nd and 3rd job easier now that lazy noobs can just spam skills.



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