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Thread: Tay's Job

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    ok so I get paid to do this now. "This" being make floral arrangements for 25-30 hours a week~

    If I like something I've done, I'll take a picture and slap it in this thread. I've got a few pictures of things I've done already, most of my stuff now has been fall production.

    Very first arrangement I made






    Sold this peach for ~150 dollas, so proud ;o;



    First ever custom made for someone piece

    More to come, peak season is on it's way so I'll be cranking out arrangements left and right. :3

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    I like this thread already.


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    Tell us what actually sells!

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    Well, from that first post just about everything has sold.

    First, Third, and Sixth got transferred to the new opening store and I didn't see them over there last time I snooped around. Second sold within two days of having it made lol, Fourth sold long time ago hurdur 4th of July. Fifth was a walk in customer that needed a remembrance piece, Eighth and Ninth are still in the store. Eight is about 200 dollars lol, and Nine is probably not gonna sell until fall actually rolls around.

    My job is actually more of a numbers game than a creativity game, but my managers tell me "do what I can so it sells" rather than pomegranate out pieces left and right.

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    Floral arrangement level: teach me master! This is totally something different from the typical stuff you see here. Pineapples are yours. On another note, that job sounds fun as hell.

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    Man, you're lucky to have such a fun job! :O
    Dat pumpkin was worth all my pineapples.

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    Thanks guys! :D

    Peacock Feather Wreathe

    I've been waiting for like a week and a half to use this wreathe base, really like how it came out.

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    Barely fixed.

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    Tay, you are arranging my wedding bouquet if I ever get married, okay? These are so pretty. ^3^

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    holy pomegranate tay.
    that looks AMAZING.

    i would srsly buy that.

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    Thanks! Be prepared to pay 35.99~ :3

    Totalllllly, bouquets are so fun to wrap and wedding colors are so pretty! :3
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    It's not silk flowers?

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    Neither can I, visually, haha. I just assumed due to the craft-store-looking background and mentions of arrangements being sellable in the fall :P

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    Yea, they're silk. :P Man working with real flowers sounds really scary, they seem like they'd require a much more delicate touch.

    I mentioned is HWYD thread that my aunt passed, I can't make it to the funeral in NC because of work/financial/life/desire issues. So I made this, and I'm having my dad take it.

    Made in a hurry and it's not the best thing I've ever done but whatever it's the thought that counts.



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