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  1. Default New FM Exploit/Hack?

    Sorry if this goes under "fear-mongering" but my friend just got whispered on his FM mule (separate account, different computer, etc) his password to the account.

    The thing is, he's running it on an old laptop that he completely wiped and reformatted so he could just play Maplestory on it (mule on it). He hasn't touched it for anything else and only used IE to download Maplestory initially.

    Luckily for him that account had nothing but meso on it and he's already transferred that over to his main account.

    I'm a little worried about setting up anything in FM anymore, but does anyone know anything about this? Or could it be just a random hacking?

  2. Default Re: New FM Exploit/Hack?

    I might be uninformed about this, but sounds completely as a random hacking.

    Also... Why would this be considered an exploit?

  3. Default Re: New FM Exploit/Hack?

    Because it's obviously never the account owners fault or pure bad luck, duh.

  4. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
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    Default Re: New FM Exploit/Hack?

    I think he suspects that it's somehow being in FM, or maybe setting up a shop, that makes hackers able to steal one's password.

  5. Default Re: New FM Exploit/Hack?

    For reference,he's had his main account since '07 or so and hasn't been hacked on it, despite being relatively well known in "old" Kradia.

    I'm guessing this is a random hacking then. Luckily it was only on a mule.

  6. Default Re: New FM Exploit/Hack?

    Database Leak.... happened again, they changed my password, so I changed my pass again (luckily, my main account CAN't change E mail )

  7. Default Re: New FM Exploit/Hack?

    Not this bullpomegranate again...

    Let's see how New Nexon performs regarding this.

  8. Default Re: New FM Exploit/Hack?

    How recently? As far as I knew it already happened twice (Nov 09, and Spring/Summer 2011).

  9. Default Re: New FM Exploit/Hack?

    A week ago almost... 3/5 accounts had the password changed

  10. Default Re: New FM Exploit/Hack?

    That might explain why my password was changed a few weeks ago then.

  11. Donator Straight Female
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    Default Re: New FM Exploit/Hack?

    Pretty much this.
    I'm paranoid about being hacked again. Thus why I'm logged in (even if afk) a good 90% of the day.

  12. Default Re: New FM Exploit/Hack?

    *sigh* Seriously? More of this fear-mongering/exploit crap?

    Time to change passwords again...just in case... where there's smoke, there's bound to be fire....

  13. Default Re: New FM Exploit/Hack?

    Oh joy, time to be in fear for a while.

  14. Default Re: New FM Exploit/Hack?

    I highly doubt it's on Nexons part this time around, it was just on the news today that Yahoo/Gmail/MSN/Hotmail had hundreds of thousands of emails and passwords leaked and posted online.

    Doesn't say anything there specifically about msn/hotmail but my news said they were also affected but yeah.

  15. Orbital Bee Cannon Straight Male
    IGN: Musiphe
    Server: Reboot
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    Default Re: New FM Exploit/Hack?

    Whelp, I changed my Nexon password and gmail password, so if only gmail was affected, both were changed anyways.

  16. Default Re: New FM Exploit/Hack?

    My mule got hacked just recently though I admit that the PW and PIC were very lazy.

    Meanwhile, B> a million item locks on my main account and changed email, changed email PW, changed NX pw, changed PIC, changed pants, changed optimistic outlook of the future.

    I'll be Cash Shop afking for a few days too.

  17. Default Re: New FM Exploit/Hack?

    Oh jeez.. Just logged back in to look at some threads and this one took a turn for the worse. It was a false false alarm. I just went ahead and changed all my passwords to all my emails and Nexon accounts to be safe.

  18. Neutron Straight Male
    IGN: Sugarsouffle
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    Default Re: New FM Exploit/Hack?

    The link here will tell you if your email was apart of the leak (without your password being revealed.)

    Luckily I didn't find mine, but if you do find yours, it may be a good idea to change your password. (or, use this as a good time to change your password anyways.)

  19. Default Re: New FM Exploit/Hack?

    Thanks for this! Forwarding it to everyone I know.



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