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Thread: Am I an idiot?

  1. Default Am I an idiot?

    So I bought a 2x exp card to grind out from 55 to however far on my phantom. I get to 56, 10 minutes after I started, and then D/C. Server check I didn't know about.

    So southperry, am I an idiot for not checking?


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    Recent S/Cs have resulted in extension on all cash items. But yes that wasn't the smartest thing to do. <3
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    I wouldn't call you an idiot. I would call you ignorant, and that's fine. They've been having some weird server check times because they take down the game for immediate issues.

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    Default Re: Am I an idiot?

    you had your two seconds of derp, we all do.

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    Yes, but it seems kinda random and there's no guarantee he'll luck out on this one.
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    I am afraid it is kind of idiotic to miss notices that have been up for almost a day.

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    Default Re: Am I an idiot?

    It's a scheduled maintenance. Why would they extend?

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    they don't extend cash shop items for scheduled maintenance, only unscheduled.

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    I logged in, and my 2x card said it was active until 2:57, 4:57 my time. Very weird. Stayed logged on and trained, and it worked. no idea why.

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    How long did it last for?

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    four hours

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    Well, calling yourself a idiot is a little brash. We all have our derps. But however, you did have a fair warning.



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