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  1. Default T> Rare items for very nice thief set.

    I'm willing to trade these items (not all together though obviously) for the 24% luk osfa top, 21% luk/hb osfa bottoms and the 16 att all stat nose. All of which are super duped items. Not trading one for one though, I want the whole package or a 1 for 2 deal. Those are the only items I'm looking for and I won't be accepting WS, Mesos, NX for it. Just those three items. Don't care about anything else but those three items.

    If you're interested in making a trade, message me @ LoveVictim in Windia. If I can't get those items, then I'm keeping my own stuff since I love it anyways.

    I also have a 27% STR Horntail Necklace, 266 ATT Axe, 30% STR top which I'm too lazy to screenshot. But yah, they're available for trade too.

    Some are available for 1 for 2 trades (my mask, earring, claw are not so common for me to trade it 1 for 1, sorry). Message me in game @ LoveVictim or visit my shop in CH1 FM4.

  2. Default Re: T> Rare items for very nice thief set.

    Actually I forgot to mention, the claw I won't keep since I already have a 184 ATT claw.

    Claw c/o is @ 85 White Scrolls. And I have two of them in stock. But I'm willing to trade for those items as well.



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