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Thread: Pirate Revamp

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    I'm not an expert on cleavage, but shouldn't it end closer to the middle of the top?

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    She's bending, that's why. If I understand your question correctly.

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    I'm trying to picture if this solves the situation but I have no idea how boob physics work.

    gdi uh

    Let me try and reword it to see if I'm just wording it terribly. The cleavage should end closer to where the tie in the shirt is, shouldn't it? Does bending over alter the position of where the cleavage ends?

    this discussion is seriously happening and there is nary a piece of reference material in my head

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    You do not argue boobs with Loose.

    Pretty sure he's got it right anyway; it's aligned with the armpits, and I'm using my own boobs as a reference here.

    ... Yep, this conversation is indeed happening. Maybe we should stop before we break our own obscenity rule.

    We're discussing anatomy, we swear!

    EDIT: Oh, and the drawing itself is great. I forever love your celshading. ^-^

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    Okay, so you mean move it more to the right?

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    I'm asking if it should. I don't know jack about how boobs work, this is just me working off the assumption of shirt symmetry and educated guesses.

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    This is almost better than Valerie.

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    i'm browsing this from my psp, all i see is a blank square with nothing in it.

    yup, pirate revamp allright

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    >mfw seeing the picture:

    >mfw reading the thread:

    >Loose's face when seeing what his thread became:



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